Campus police/security are invited to and attends one chapter meeting per year to discuss safety issues related to the campus.

Implementation: The chapter must submit a brief overview of the event with the name and contact information of the campus police/security officer.

Implementation: Invitation to Campus Police and Security

Submitted by Eric Carroll on 11/11/2011 12:35:55 PM

Below is a screenshot of an email I sent to both the head of security and the head of campus police here at Elon. I invited them to attend a chapter meeting to discuss safety issues related to the campus, and they respectfully declined to meet on Sundays during our chapter meeting. However, the invitation to attend and speak at our chapter meeting was extended (and therefore meets the CEP requirements above) and we are working with them to see if there is a time during the week (not during a chapter meeting) that they can meet and talk with us.