The chapter conducts at least one skill set recruitment seminar. (Fall)

Planning: The Chapter must submit the agenda and education along with the date the seminar is to be given.
Implementation: The Chapter must submit the names of the members in attendance and any feedback.

Resource: Recruitment Seminar

Planning: Recruitment Tactics

Submitted by Stephen DeRosa on 3/30/2012 12:35:34 PM

Delta Upsilon Iona has always prided itself of its recruitment tactics. One of the the recruitment devices that we have implemented is Dynamic Recruitment. Reading the fired up booklet we realized that this is a way to recruit that works for us. Being on a small campus recruiting is difficult so getting to know people on a personal level really plays to our strengths. However one of our alumni really grasped this concept better than many of our brothers therefore we hold a recruitment seminar the first week of fall to educate our new members and give our older brothers a refresher.