San Jose Chapter

San Jose State University
Delta Upsilon Fraternity
201 S. 11th Street
San Jose, California 95112

When Horace G. Nichol, president of the Fraternity, conducted the installation ceremonies for the San Jose chapter on November 14, 1948, it was the first time in almost 14 years that the installation ritual had been employed. The depression, World War II, and the general conservative attitude in the Fraternity, had all contributed to this, the longest hiatus in the history of Delta Upsilon.

Alpha Pi Omega was a closely-knit and strong local society which had been established in 1931, but whose origin actually dated back to 1923, and whose roots were firmly

established well before the adoption of its Greek-letter name. It was the first fraternity to have a chapter house on campus. This house was surrendered in 1943 because of World War II, and a larger one acquired in 1948, which served until a beautiful new residence was built in 1960.

After that almost-14-year gap in installations had been ended with the issuance of the San Jose State charter, three others followed quickly on its heels, with installation three weeks later of the Kent State chapter, and both Louisville and Michigan State within the next six weeks. The Fraternity's change in attitude with respect to expansion had begun to show results.

The San Jose Chapter of Delta Upsilon is currently a 55 man house with 31 associate members. In Spring 2010, the chapter received numerous awards including the IFC sports trophy, IFC best grades, and IFC chapter of the year.


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