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    Pay your colony member fees.
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    Instructions for chapter payments:  Please allow 3 - 5 business days for this payment to post to your account  If payment does not cover all
  • Reporting Information

    Extensions:  Because of the school calendar, the deadline of October 1 will apply to Cal Poly, Chicago, Massachusetts, Northwestern, Ohio, Ohio State, Oregon State, San Diego, and

CEP Recent Submissions

  • Nick Principi from Bradley submitted Potential Member Criteria on 4/20/2015. view
  • Justin Schirmer from Bradley submitted Utilization of Campus Resources on 4/20/2015. view
  • Matthew Rodway from Carthage submitted Alumni Retreat on 4/20/2015. view
  • Cody Preisler from Nebraska submitted The Big Event on 4/13/2015. view
  • Brent Lindenman from Missouri submitted Chapter GPA on 4/13/2015. view
  • Matthew Gillespie from Missouri submitted Non-Alcoholic Rush on 4/13/2015. view
  • Justin Schirmer from Bradley submitted Leadership on 4/13/2015. view
  • Collin Smith from Missouri submitted Code of conduct on 4/13/2015. view
  • Matthew Rodway from Carthage submitted Walk-a-Mile in her shoes on 4/12/2015. view
  • Jacob Rightenburg from Carthage submitted Brothers with Elected Positions. on 4/12/2015. view

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