Associate Member Education Program

Delta Upsilon's Associate Member Education Program is designed to create an engaging and dynamic experience for all associate members. It teaches the history of the Fraternity, educates on DU policy, and promotes teambuilding and brotherhood in safe, supportive environment. The program better equips all DU chapters to prepare associate members for success. 

The program, which launched at Leadership Institute 2016, was developed in collaboration with undergraduate members, and their input was used throughout the program development process. The program was piloted with more than 30 chapters during the 2015-2016 year. 
As a Men of Merit Standard, all chapters are expected to fully implement the Associate Member Education Program. 

Facilitator Guide - The facilitator guide is designed to be used by the associate member educator to implement the program. Each chapter will receive one complimentary guide, and additional may be purchased from IHQ for $5 each. 

Workbooks - Each associate member should have his own Associate Member Education Workbook. Printed workbooks can be purchased from IHQ as part of the Associate Member Package. This will include a workbook, an Associate Member Pin and a ribbon for Initiation. The cost is $10 per package purchased, plus shipping. Email or call (317) 875-8900 to order. 

Workbooks can also be printed by the chapter. We recommend using a campus print shop or a business like Kinkos or Staples. Instructions for printing can be found in the facilitator guide.

"The Associate Member Education Program is essential for building a stronger chapter. The program is organized into easy-to-follow weekly lessons that provide a structured agenda on how to conduct each meeting. With this standardized program, membership educators are given the right tools to develop associate members into the future leaders of the fraternity and community."  -  Greg Rubbert, Wichita '18