Building Better Men Retreats

Building Better Men Retreats are customized retreats designed to target the specific needs of the chapter.  Members will be challenged to break down challenges and opportunities facing the chapter as they construct a plan of action rooted in the core principles and mission of Delta Upsilon. Spur your chapter to great campus and international success and register today

Every member of the chapter must assume the qualities of leadership, including the ability to adapt to change, take charge when necessary and accept responsibilities for one's actions and decisions. This retreat will prepare your chapter to develop members to demonstrate greater initiative and accountability, while striving for continuous improvement of your operations and founding principled programming. 

General Information 
The goal of a Building Better Men Retreat is to create positive change within your chapter. This is accomplished by the engaging discussions, experiential activities and personal reflection throughout the retreat. The specific content of the retreat is tailored to the needs of each individual chapter. Trained facilitators will be brought in to help the chapter learn, be challenged and develop specific plans of actions for future success.
Reasons to host a Building Better Men Retreat:
  • Take your chapter to the next level
  • Become/remain an award-winning chapter on your campus and within DU
  • Examine what your chapter is really like
  • To challenge your members and your entire chapter
  • Increase effectiveness of communication between your members and alumni
  • Tackle issues facing your chapter and university/college community
  • Shape the future of your chapter
  • Identify the future leaders of your chapter
  • Create goals and action plans for the year ahead

A chapter/colony looking to host a Building Better Men Retreat must: 
  • Require their membership to attend the entirety of the scheduled program
  • Have the entire Executive Board in attendance for a leadership meeting with facilitator and for the entirety of the program
  • Encourage advisors to participate in the program
  • Secure an on-campus meeting space that is outside of the chapter facility
  • Facilitate an all-chapter brotherhood event following scheduled program