Educational Programs Overview

Delta Upsilon offers a diverse collection of programming to meet the needs of our undergraduate and alumni members. Currently, we have over 1,800 members attending our educational programs each year outside of on-campus chapter programming efforts. This page will provide a brief overview of our programs and organizational assessments.
Service Learning Programs


Global Service Initiative
The Delta Upsilon Global Service Initiative offers members a unique opportunity to engage in direct service, while uniting Delta Upsilon competencies and Principles with the customs and cultures of the host international country. 

Individual Member Programs


GreekLifeEdu- Delta Upsilon has partnered with Outside the Classroom to offer GreekLifeEdu - a non-opinionated, science-based course that aims not to preach but rather to teach the facts about alcohol, hazing and sexual assault. GreekLifeEdu empowers members to make well-informed decisions and provides simple strategies to help keep them and their friends safe.Get Started with GreekLifeEdu.

Regional Leadership Academy- Each spring Delta Upsilon facilitates the Regional Leadership Academy (RLA) in five locations across the U.S. These are opportunities for members to develop within their leadership skills and exchange ideas by interacting with members from a wide range of chapters and diverse backgrounds.


ResponseAbility- ResponseAbility is a program which addresses bystander behavior. This training focuses on discussing several behaviors that relate to a college campus environment, such as hazing, drug/alcohol abuse, racism, homophobia, eating disorders, sexual assaults and other inappropriate and unhealthy behaviors. 

DU Emerging Leaders Experience- The Delta Upsilon Emerging Leaders Experience (DUEL) is uniquely designed to help young leaders prepare to meet the challenges and responsibilities in life and in their chapter. This program also includes a hands-on experience of retracing the footsteps of Delta Upsilon Founders during a visit to our founding site at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. 


The LeaderShape® Institute- The LeaderShape® Institute is a six-day immersion leadership program that challenges participants to lead with integrity while working toward a vision grounded in their deepest values. Participants explore not only what they want to do, but who they want to be. Dynamic, challenging and exciting, the week is intended to produce a breakthrough in the leadership capacity of participants — benefiting them individually, as well as their respective communities and the organizations they will go on to lead and serve in the future.

Organizational/Chapter Development Programs 

DU_ED-advisors.jpg Advisors Academy- The Advisors Academy is designed to help participants learn and apply best practices in chapter advising, learn best practices in formulating working relationships with members, discover new resources and opportunities available to the chapters and colonies they advise, discover student development theory and learn new updates and trends in the fraternity system.



Presidents Academy- The Presidents Academy is an officer training program for Delta Upsilon's newly-elected chapter/colony presidents. This program offers operational and soft-skills training to help prepare presidents to effectively run a Delta Upsilon chapter. 

Leadership Institute- Delta Upsilon is unique in having an annual Leadership Institute. This event is a culmination of the Fraternity's bicameral legislative process, undergraduate and volunteer educational programming and a celebration of many awards and recognition of our members and chapters.

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Building Better Men Retreats- A Building Better Men Retreat is a customized weekend retreat designed solely for the benefit of the host chapter. Apply to have your chapter considered for a Building Better Men Retreat.

Organizational Assessments

Delta Upsilon engages in ongoing assessment of educational programs and student learning in order to continuously improve programs and curricula. The educational programs continuously gather data from multiple sources, including post-program evaluations, Fraternity and Sorority Experience Survey and University Learning Objectives Assessment.

Fraternity And Sorority Experience Survey 

The Fraternity and Sorority  Experience Survey measures factors influencing chapter and Greek community support of intellectual and leadership development, values integration and positive relationships. 

University Learning Objectives Assessment 

The University Learning Objectives Assessment (UniLOA) is a "dashboard indicator" of student growth, learning and development, and is a powerful tool to assist Delta Upsilon in supporting program development on an individual chapter level and internationally.

Industry Initiatives

Delta Upsilon partners with many industry initiatives to enhance or offer educational programs to our members.

UIFILogo.jpg Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute 
UIFI hosted by the North-American Interfraternity Conference is a five-day institute that brings together fraternity men and sorority women from across North America to create opportunities to explore, define and enhance their leadership skills; personal awareness; commitment to their fraternity or sorority; and grow to expect values-based action from themselves and those they lead. 

Liberal Education and America's Promise (LEAP)
The LEAP program is an initiative that champions the value of a liberal education- for individual students and for a national dependent on economic creativity and democratic vitality. The initiative focuses campus practice on fostering essential learning outcomes for all students, whatever their chosen field of study. 

LEAP is Association of American College & Universities' (AAC&U) primary vehicle for advancing the communicating about the importance of undergraduate liberal education for all students. LEAP seeks to engage the public with core questions about what really matters in college, to give students a compass to guide their learning and to make a set of essential learning outcomes the preferred framework for educational excellence. 

The University Learning Objectives initiative steams from LEAP and higher educations' commitment to seek premier programs and organizations that truly matter in the college and university environment today. This type of learning will empower today's college students to succeed and make a difference in the 21st century.