Ignite Speakers Series

ignitelogo.pngAre you ready for IGNITE? Your brothers have the opportunity to take the stage at the 2017 Leadership Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!
Similar to TED Talks, the IGNITE Series is designed to put members on stage to share their idea, story, or message with their brothers. Up to eight Delta Upsilon alumni and undergraduate members will be selected to present their IGNITE on the LI main stage.

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Red, White and DU: Why We Need to Be Involved in Our Government
Timothy Richard, Christopher Newport '17

Timothy Richard shares his big ideas on why it's important for DU men to be involved in the government. This talk is part of the IGNITE Speaker Series at Leadership Institute 2015 in Atlanta.


Mentorship: Effective Networking
Alex Hein, Purdue '15

In life, you are told networking is a key to success. I only partially agree with that statement. With networking, you will make valuable connections. However, expanding on networking and actively seeking mentorship will lead you to valuable bonds. I have had five different mentors since coming to college, some in the professional world and some in the academic world. I will expand on how they have shaped me into a more well-rounded individual and how they have led me to become a successful person.

Education: How to Teach Our Principles
Matt Panzano, Florida '11

Delta Upsilon has a message to spread across the globe: "This is what a fraternity man should be and how they should act." Every brother has been taught the Principles of our Fraternity, but not everyone applies them to everyday life. As DU men, it is our responsibility to constantly teach and practice the Principles as the Founders would have done. But why stop there? In the classroom, I try to instill our Principles into my instruction so that future generations will practice what we consider to be our philosophy of life in the globalized age.

Making the Snooze Button Obsolete
Dale Shanklin, Boise State '15

The Elements of Matter
Mindy Sopher, North Carolina State University

Personal and project significance are things we often question in our daily lives. The worth and value of our fraternity experience is also questioned by others, and even by ourselves. Questioning is good. Evaluation is good. But doing something with that reflection and evaluation is even better! Take a few minutes with Mindy to reflect on significance and value, and then reframe the next steps in your life and in your chapter to make an ever greater impact for the positive.

Service Learning
Michael Rundell, Iowa '16

Want to make a bigger impact with service? Understanding the cultural, economic and historical details behind an issue makes your service more fulfilling on a personal level, as well as helps you to create real change. Participating in open reflection over service events with brothers helps them understand the importance of service and how it effects them and their community.

Finding Your Place in Your Chapter
Isaac Stine, Wichita '17

One of the most important things about being in a fraternity is finding your place in the chapter so you can be a beneficial member. This can be a difficult thing to do, but I have broken it down into four main groups of people that you might fit into. These four groups are the recruiters, the academic achievers, the brotherhood chairmen and the owls. Each of these roles requires different strengths, but it takes a team effort by every person in each group to make a chapter successful.

Nick Welton, Lehigh '10
America's Job Surplus (Talent Deficit)

Mike Taylor, North Carolina State '10
From DU to Dhaka: Living in a Global World

Craig Sowell, Houston '92
Live Your Oath!

Zack Hibbs, Louisville '14
The Value of Community

Ryan DeGraw, Culver-Stockton '14
Redefining Manhood

Tyler Dillon, Northwestern '14
How the Origins of College Harm Society Today

Aaron Vince, Grand Valley State '12
Ending Poverty Through One Campaign

Christian Montgomery, Michigan '09
I Saved a Life-You Can Too!

Mawi Asgedom, Harvard '99
Hitting the Turbo Button: Understanding the Power of Action