Province Governors

As an important part of the Fraternity's leadership team, Province Governors volunteer considerable amounts of time to undergraduate and alumni chapters and colonies within geographic portions (provinces) of North America.
Appointed by the Board of Directors, a Province Governor's responsibilities include:
  • Representing the Fraternity to all its stakeholders
  • Building Better Men by focusing on the Fraternity's non-secret heritage and Four Founding Principles
  • Establishing and achieving province goals each semester
  • Communicating regularly with undergraduate and alumni leaders of the chapters and colonies in the province
  • Work with chapters to achieve the standards in the Men of Merit program.
Delta Upsilon greatly appreciates this exceptional team of volunteer leaders. The Fraternity simply wouldn't be the same without their unwavering dedication.

Province 1

Gregory Fabiano, Florida '15
(2015-2017 term)

Province 2

Andy Belot, Kansas '05
(2016-2018 term)

Province 3

Julian Hernandez, Florida '15
(2015-2017 term)

Province 4

Kevin Guinan, Iowa State '14
(2016-2018 term)

Province 5

Jason Clark, Washington State '01
(2015-2017 term)

Province 6

Kevin Friis, Western Reserve '09
(2016-2018 term)