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The Fraternity Headquarters is the central business and service center for the Fraternity. Delta Upsilon has a full staff dedicated to providing professional servicing and education for the Fraternity. 
The International Headquarters also hosts one of the foremost collections of Delta Upsilon artifacts within its historical museum and archives. Many of the items found at the Fraternity Headquarters include retired or donated memorabilia from alumni, chapters or family members. 

Past awards and correspondence, dormant chapter roll book and rosters, membership records and publications are all just part of this collection. For more information regarding our headquarters, or if you are seeking information regarding artifact donation, please contact us at

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< TR bgColor=#ffff9d> < Contact for: Loss Prevention

Office Staff

Justin Kirk Executive Director kirk[at]deltau.org317-875-8900 ext. 213

Contact for: Awards, chapter emergency/crisis, housing
Karl Grindel
Associate Executive Director
317-875-8900 ext. 223

Contact for: Building Better Men weekends, chapter services, colonies, expansion, taxes
Jana McClees-Anderson Executive Assistant mcclees[at] 317-875-8900 ext. 200

Contact for: Address updates, lists, labels, certificates, membership records, pledge pins
Mary Ellen Watts
Senior Staff Accountant
watts[at] 317-875-8900 ext. 210

Contact for: accounts payable/receivable 

Educational Services
Noah Borton
Senior Director of Educational Programs
317-875-8900 ext. 206

Contact for: Educational programs/materials
Kaye Schendel
Director of Global Initiatives

Contact for: Global Service Initiative inquiries
Veronica H. Moore
Director of Educational Programs
moore[at] 317-875-8900

Contact for: Educational programs/materials

Chapter Services
Michelle Marchand
Senior Director of Chapter Development marchand[at]
317-875-8900 ext. 217

Contact for: Chapter Operations, Expansion, Advisors/Volunteers
Kelsey Morrissey
Chapter Development Director morrissey[at] 317-875-8900 ext. 211 

Contact for: Chapter Operations Support, CEP, Chapter Finances
John Kappel Chapter Development Director
kappel[at] 317-875-8900 ext. 209

Contact for: Chapter Operations Support, Men of Merit, Chapter Resources
Sara Jahansouz Wray Director of Loss Prevention 317-875-8900

Contact for: Loss Prevention
Tom Pelarinos Leadership Consultant
pelarinos[at] 317-875-8900
Tyler Vasquez-Dorn Leadership Consultant vasquezdorn[at] 317-875-8900
Hayden Rahn Expansion and Development Coordinator rahn[at] 317-875-8900

Contact for: Expansion

Ashley Martin Director of Communications amartin[at] 317-875-8900 
ext. 204

Contact for: Archives/history/memorabilia, visual identity, video, website, social media, Quarterly
Erik Kowols Graphic Designer kowols[at] 317-875-8900 
ext. 205

Contact for: Graphic design elements
Kendall Rabeneck Digital Media Coordinator rabeneck[at] 317-875-8900
ext. 203

Contact for: video, social media, email marketing

Justin Kirk
Executive Director kirk[at] 317-875-8900
 ext. 213

Contact for: CEA information and account setup
Stephannie Bailey Associate Executive Director bailey[at] 317-875-8900
ext. 216

Contact for: Major gifts, Chapter Legacy Plans, wills and bequests
Colin Finn
Director of Advancement finn[at] 317-875-8900

Contact for: Annual Loyalty Fund and President's Club gifts
Meghan Bender Development Director bender[at] 317-875-8900317-875-8900 ext. 215

Contact for: Annual giving, brick gifts and courtyard information, President's Club gifts, personal giving history and CEA statements