Annual Chapter Budgets

Annual Chapter Budgets

Annual chapter budgets for the upcoming fiscal/academic year are required to be submitted for review by June 15, 2011. Each budget should include but not be limited to following criteria:
  • Based upon the projected total of brothers and associate members for the year
  • Factors in regular annual expenses billed to the chapter including an additional required minimum of $800 line for regional programming
  • Budgeted items do not exceed the total income of the chapter
  • Include event and position-related budgets
  • Allocates at minimum 5% of total budget toward an emergency savings
Budgets from previous years will not be accepted, nor will credit be given for the 2010-2011 CEP, however approved budgets can be submitted for credit for the upcoming year's 2011-2012 CEP.

You can get a copy of a sample chapter budget as well as other resources in the officer resources section. For more information or questions about chapter budgets requirements, contact Mike Taylor by emailing

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