Become a Volunteer

Delta Upsilon relies on hundreds of volunteers to achieve its Mission of Building Better Men. From advising a chapter, to organizing an event, to facilitating a program, being a DU volunteer allows individuals to give back to an organization they believe in while gaining valuable personal and professional skills and experience. Apply today to become a volunteer.
Volunteer Opportunities

Chapter Advisory Board Members
Each chapter and colony should have a team of advisors in place to assist, support and mentor the undergraduate officers and general members on an ongoing basis. Most of these advisors are alumni members of the Fraternity, but a substantial number are non-members who may work at the college/university where the colony/chapter is located. Find out if you are near a colony or chapter. 

 For more information on the role of the chapter Advisory Board Members: Advisor Resources

Province Governors
As an important part of the Fraternity's leadership team, Province Governors volunteer considerable amounts of time to undergraduate and alumni chapters and colonies within geographic portions (Provinces) of North America. Appointed by the Board of Directors, a Province Governor's responsibilities include: representing the Fraternity to all its stakeholders, striving to build better men by focusing on the Fraternity's non-secret heritage and Four Founding Principles, establishing and achieving province goals each semester and communicating regularly with undergraduate and alumni leaders of the chapters and colonies in the province. Delta Upsilon greatly appreciates this exceptional team of volunteer leaders. The Fraternity simply wouldn't be the same without their unwavering dedication.
Program Facilitators
DU's many great educational programs, designed to develop individual skills and promote organizational growth, would not be possible without the dedication of our many alumni, inter-fraternal and campus-based partners who volunteer as program facilitators. 

Reorganization Redevelopment Team
Delta Upsilon's reorganization process consists of three integral parts to restoring a chapter: preparation, the membership review and redevelopment. While Fraternity staff will be responsible for much of the preparation, we look to include alumni to be apart of the redevelopment and reorganization team. For more information on becoming a part of the reorganization interview team, redevelopment team or team lead, contact Mark Gehrke, Director of Expansion, at  

Alumni Club Officers
Alumni clubs are area-based associations comprised of DUs from various chapters that currently live in the same geographic area. Alumni clubs primarily exist to provide social and networking opportunities for members, but also work to enhance the standing of the Fraternity in that particular area. Activities often include: monthly "happy hour" events, annual golf tournaments, Founders Day dinners, ballgames and cultural events.
Career Mentors
Many alumni choose to "give back" to Delta Upsilon by serving as a career mentor to undergraduates or younger alumni who are still developing their careers. This allows the mentor to remain involved in the Fraternity while honing his own coaching and mentoring skills, and potentially even identifying future staff or business partners. Especially if you do not currently live near an active chapter or colony, this is a terrific way for you to stay involved, as the mentoring relationship can be conducted primarily through phone and electronic means. For more information please contact Colin Finn, Director of Alumni Development, at