Membership Selection Criteria

Since its inception, Delta Upsilon has held only one qualification for membership: merit. Such criterion is blind to difference of race, creed, religion, sexual orientation, physical attributes, socioeconomic status and national origin for any person who identifies as male. The Constitution and Bylaws of Delta Upsilon Fraternity further specify the following membership criteria:
Constitution, Article II, Section 4:  The Associate Members
Any male undergraduate enrolled in a college or university at which an Undergraduate Chapter of the Fraternity is chartered or a Colony of the Fraternity is established, who is in good standing with that college or university, may be invited by the Members of that Undergraduate Chapter, the members of that Colony or by an organizing committee in the establishment of a new Colony, to pledge to membership in the Fraternity.  Anyone so pledged shall be an Associate Member, but shall not be a Member of the Fraternity nor have the rights of Membership in the Fraternity until he is initiated by taking the Oath of Initiation in accordance with the Fraternity's ritual.