Bring Delta Upsilon to Your Campus

Once you've taken the opportunity to become more familiar with Delta Upsilon, you may wonder what you can do to get things started. Here are some things you can do today to start in bringing Delta Upsilon to your campus. For more information, feel free to contact us or let us know about your group.
Contact the campus Greek Advisor to discuss the possibility of bringing DU to the campus. Be sure to obtain copies of the Interfraternity or Greek council expansion policy as well as a copy of their constitution or bylaws.

Discuss the possibility of starting DU on your campus with your friends. One of the biggest components for success is going to be manpower, so the more good men who are interested the better. Also, it isn't going to be much of a fraternity experience if only a handful of men are interested in joining. Be sure to discuss the idea with a wide variety of men with different backgrounds and be sure that there are a good mix of first, second, third and fourth year students involved. Keep in mind that there must be at least 20 men involved to achieve colony status.

Review the Fraternity's colonization requirements and installation objectives to be sure you and your friends can commit to establishing a successful chapter.

Begin speaking with university or college faculty about serving as advisors for the new interest group. Once advisors have been identified, meet with them on a regular basis and make sure they attend group meetings.

Identify some space on campus where the group can meet regularly. Begin having regular weekly group meetings to discuss new member recruitment and any issues affecting the progress of the group.

Document who is in the group, keep a phone list, take meeting minutes, take notes during meetings with advisors, etc. Not only will documenting help the group stay more focused and organized, but it also can demonstrate the group's level of organization and achievement.

Elect officers including a president, secretary and treasurer. Depending on the group's level of organization, chairmen can be elected or appointed to take responsibility for certain activities such as bylaw development, community service programming and other activities.

Begin to take part in recreational activities as a group--go see a movie, play some football, go rock climbing or plan a group dinner. These guys are going to become your brothers, so make sure to take the time to get to know them and have fun with them.

Establish a dues system and open a checking account for the group. Starting any new organization takes a little bit of capital for things like advertising, office supplies, duplication/copying and the like. Dues should be nominal and used only to cover month to month expenses that the group incurs. $10-30 per month should be adequate, but it really depends on what the group wants to do.

Begin to host educational events and sponsor community service projects. These don't need to be anything fancy or complicated. They can be as simple as a quick Fraternity history lesson at the beginning of a group meeting or a handful of guys going to help out at a soup kitchen every couple of weeks.

Continue to recruit! Often the most difficult hurdle for Delta Upsilon colonies to overcome before receiving a charter is meeting the membership size requirement.

Talk to anyone who will listen. When starting any new group, one of the keys to success is getting the name out. Post flyers, speak to the campus newspaper, put up table tents in the dining halls, speak with student leaders or speak at club and organization meetings. Be sure to observe any campus guidelines regarding the aforementioned activities.

Become a university or college-recognized student group. Find out how to do this on your campus by speaking with the Greek advisor or talking with student activities personnel.

If there's interest, begin participating in campus intramural sports.

Go on a retreat for the purpose of building brotherhood and setting personal and group goals for colonization and installation.

Review and complete the expansion interest form.