Colonization Requirements

When Delta Upsilon is invited to establish a colony on a campus we charge our new members first with establishing a colony. It is Delta Upsilon's goal to colonize a group three-four weeks after the initial on-campus recruitment effort.
The petitioning group must have a minimum of 20 members, and should have the realistic potential to be at or above the all-fraternity average in membership size within two years.

The group shall have a list of goals and objectives developed with the Fraternity's Principles and philosophy in mind.

The group is encouraged to apply for university recognition with the intent of affiliating with Delta Upsilon.

The group shall have an advisor and meet with this person on a regular basis.

The petitioning group should be meeting on a weekly basis and should be developing a budget and dues system which covers the Fraternity's insurance and fees.

Members should be familiar with Delta Upsilon's foundation, philosophy, and history.

The group should have a positive working relationship with the Greek advisor.

If allowed, the group shall be encouraged to meet and participate in IFC meetings and activities and should uphold all standards and regulations prescribed by the IFC.

The group should establish a positive relationship with a nearby chapter selected by the Fraternity to serve as a mentor chapter.

The group must complete and submit the Colony Application supplied by the Fraternity.