Colony Support and Education

We focus every educational experience on expanding the horizons of our undergraduate members. We provide the appropriate education for a chapter to become successful on their campus and become leaders in their community.
Delta Upsilon wants to give the colony all the skills it needs to charter quickly and successfully. Through our educational programming, we educate all colony members on what it means to be a member of Delta Upsilon and how to make DU a positive influence in the Greek community. Our colony should be successful and operationally sound. Staff strives for frequent and intentional communication with the colony and advisors, and we offer as much focused programming as necessary to advance the colony to chapter status.

Colony Support
During the transitional period into and following colonization, DU staff work directly with colony members to establish a framework for success. During the first weeks as a colony, staff remain on site to help establish and train colony leaders, walk each member through the colony development process and establish goals toward installation. Following this transitional period, staff facilitate continual coaching each semester through on-site visits, weekly talks with each colony president and biweekly conferences with their executive councils.  

Educational materials
In addition to DU staff, the colony has access to chapter resources as well. These resources include the colony manual, officer manuals, how-to guides and curriculum on understanding bystander behavior. The colony manual outlines an eight week program designed to help all members gain a strong understanding of Delta Upsilon values and a foundation of the operational skills necessary to run an efficient chapter. Throughout the colony period, the program includes two all-chapter retreats, biweekly topic assessments and remote support and webinars from DU staff.

Financial support
Included in the colony and vice president of finance manuals are resources for best financial practices. Colonies are provided information on financial services provided, are encouraged to create financial and collection contracts, and work with DU staff to review the colony budget.

Each colony member is eligible to apply for our Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation (DUEF) Oak Circle scholarships. Additionally, the colony is advised on promoting positive relations with local area alumni and establishing fundraising opportunities.