Installation Objectives

After colonization, Delta Upsilon will implement an aggressive plan to establish the colony as a chapter. Below are the requirements which must be met for the colony to become fully recognized as a chapter.
The colony GPA must be at or above the campus' all-men's average and a written comprehensive scholarship program must be implemented. The colony shall also have established minimum GPA requirements for membership, initiation, and to hold office.

The colony membership number must remain at a sustainable level (usually, at least 35 members) and will be carefully tracked throughout the expansion/colonization process. Factors to be considered will include the median fraternity size on campus, past recruitment results of the colony, alumni support and strength, and cohesiveness of the colony. The colony is expected to implement a year-round written recruitment plan that includes dates, events, and objectives for recruitment activities.

The colony must implement sound fiscal practices and remain current on all financial obligations to the university, IFC, the Fraternity, and all local vendors. A budget must also be submitted to Delta Upsilon International Headquarters.

The colony must strictly observe the Fraternity's loss prevention policies and implement a written loss prevention program.

The colony must attend all regional and international leadership programs including Leadership Institute, Presidents Academy, and their Regional Leadership Seminar. Campus and IFC programs are also strongly encouraged.

The colony must complete all necessary administrative requirements for Delta Upsilon International Headquarters and the university. This includes biographical reports from members, membership rosters, conference registrations and officer updates.

The colony must conduct regular officer and colony retreats to establish goals and strategies.

The colony must have at least two alumni/faculty advisors who meet regularly with the group.

The colony must develop and implement a sound new member and membership education program that meets the vital needs of its members and supports the Fraternity's principles.

The colony must organize at least two alumni and/or parent events each year and shall distribute at least two alumni/parent newsletters.

The colony must sponsor or be involved in at least two service/philanthropic projects each year, with one being sponsored solely by the colony.