Our Commitment to Colonies

Delta Upsilon recognizes the foremost importance of developing an ongoing relationship with the campus and the Greek community. The Fraternity is committed to perpetuating student growth through leadership development and personal enrichment to benefit the entire community.
Colony Development

The Fraternity is committed to providing the following resources and ongoing staff support throughout the colony period:
  • Provide staff on-location prior to and during the colonization period.
  • Develop a specific timeline of the expansion process while on campus.
  • Select and train an alumni advisory board.
  • Recruit a minimum of 20 men before colonization; 40 (or campus average) men before chartering.
  • Assist colony members in setting up financial plan, such as their bank account and colony budget.
  • Coach colony members on recruitment strategies, and assist in future planning.
  • Train new officers and provide continued support throughout and following the colony period.
  • Provide ongoing communication between the campus and Greek community, the colony and the Fraternity.
Community Enrichment
As part of Delta Upsilon's commitment to the colony and campus, the Fraternity understands the equal importance of recruiting leaders within the community and developing leaders for the community in return. Members are encouraged to extend their involvement through campus activities. Each DU chapter is required to participate in Greek, campus and local service events, provide faculty and alumni programming and offer educational experiences that are open to the public as well.