Associate and Colony Member Reporting

Associate and Colony Member Reporting

We have updated the associate member reporting system. Before you begin the process of reporting new associate members, please be sure to fully read all instructions and make sure that you have the following information available for each new associate member:
  • full first name
  • full last name
  • valid email address
  • pledge date

To add a new associate member to your report click the link "Add Associate Member" and enter the new member's information. You will need to repeat this step for each new member of the associate member class. Do not click the "Submit for Approval" button until you have added all the new members of your associate member class and your entire report is ready to submit. Once you click the submit button, your list will be uploaded to our database and you will not be able to change any of the member data.

If you would like your copies of  the Cornerstone for these members sent to a different address than the pre-populated chapter address, please update this section before submitting the final list.

If you need to sign out of your member account and work on your list at a later time, the system will save any associate member information you have already added.

Once your list is complete, click the "Submit for Approval" button.

Allow 24-48 hours for IHQ to approve your associate member report submission

Once your submission is approved, your chapter president and treasurer will receive an invoice, by email, for the new associate member fees. There will be a $10 late fee for each associate member who is not reported and paid for within 7 days after pledging. The chapter may choose to make the payment online by following the link in the email or by sending in a check.

Each new associate member will receive an email asking them to complete their biographical card online. All associate and colony members reported must click on this link contained in the email and enter their data in the fields provided.

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