Career Center

Career Center

Delta Upsilon's online career center offers undergraduate and alumni DUs a variety of resources to help find and obtain the jobs that are right for them.
If you are interested in hiring a DU, Delta Upsilon has partnered with JobTarget to create an online platform that includes thousands of jobs, located all across North America, in virtually every profession imaginable. As a DU, you have the opportunity to differentiate your job from all of those posted by non-DUs, and to have your job posting appear at the very top of the list! Positively impacting the life of a fellow DU and strengthening your organization's staff begins here with Job Target.

*Immediately after your job posting is complete, e-mail with your name and chapter and the name of your job posting, and we will adjust the posting so it appears at the top of the list with a DU icon next to it, at no additional cost to you.

JobBound: Learn how to ace your interview
Job Bank: Find your dream job
LinkedIn: Connect with thousands of alumni

Don't forget about building and using your network! Join or start an alumni club in your area!
All employers like applicants who volunteer their time in support of a great cause. If you're interested in strengthening your resume while giving back to your Fraternity, view Delta Upsilon's numerous volunteer opportunities.