Officer Resources

Officer Resources

Each year the Fraternity reviews thousands of submissions through the Chapter Excellence Plan and selects key examples and best practices to be made available as chapter resources. 

Position Description
Advisor Verification
Advisor Agreement
Code of Conduct
DU Claim and Dispute Resolution Plan
Constitution and Bylaws
Executive Board Agenda
Faculty Advisor Agreement
CEP Advisor Letter
Judicial Board Template
Judicial Board Guidelines
Transition Workshop
Transition Workshop Worksheets
CEP Session

VP Administration 
Position Description
Sample Master Calendar
Involvement Tracker
Suspension, Expulsion, Resignation Procedures
Parliamentary Motions Guide
Roberts Rules of Order
Sample Agenda

VP Finances 
Position Description
Sample Collection Policy
Individual Dues Agreements
New Member Financial Information
Operational Calendar
Parents Financial Info
Promissory Note
Reimbursement Form
Sample Budget

VP Recruitment 
Position Description
Bid Extension Guide
DU Extension of Bid card
Info Session Binder
Names List Sample
Recruitment Cultural Events
Recruitment Justice Events
Recruitment Seminar Agendas
Rush Seminar
Values-Based Selection Criteria
Year Round Recruitment

VP Academic Excellence 
Position Description
Academic Incentives
Academic Mentoring
Faculty Advisor Contract
Grade Req Constitution
Scholarship Review Board

VP Loss Prevention 
Position Description
BYOB Checklist
Crisis Management Program
FIPG Meeting
Health Survey
Loss Prevention Policies
Guide to Crisis Management
Crisis Management Quick Guide
DU Insurance and Claim Manual
2017-2018 Allocation Model Credits Factors 

VP Membership Education
Position Description
Associate Member Education Facilitator Guide
Associate Member Education Workbook

VP External Relations 
Position Description
Alumni Newsletter
Faculty Appreciation Reception
Form Press Release
Member Advisor Implementation Plan
Parent Orientation From
Philanthropy Tracker
Service Debrief
DU Brand Standards Guide

Advisor Resources

Advisor Handbook 2016

Chapter Advisor
Advises Chapter President
Chapter Advisor Job Description

Advisory Board Secretary      
Advises VP of Administration
Advisory Board Secretary Job Description

Advisory Board Treasurer 
Advises VP of Finances
Advisory Board Treasurer Job Description
Recruitment Advisor 
Advises VP of Recruitment
Recruitment Advisor Job Description

Campus-Faculty Advisor
Advises VP of Academic Excellence
Campus-Faculty Advisor Job Description

Loss Prevention Advisor
Advises VP of Loss Prevention
Loss Prevention Advisor Job Description
Loss Prevention Policies
Membership Education Advisor
Advises VP of Membership Education
Member Education Advisor Job Description

External Relations Advisor
Advises VP of External Relations
External Relations Advisor Job Description
Service Debrief

Chapter Advisory Board Chair
Advises Advisory Team
Advisory Board Chair Job Description