Award Descriptions

Each year, the Fraternity acknowledges the top accomplishments with an awards program based on the merit of each individual or chapter's achievements. The recipients of these awards are showcased at the Leadership Institute, the annual conference of the Fraternity.

Sweepstakes Award 
The Sweepstakes Award is Delta Upsilon's top honor awarded annually to the best DU chapter in North America.
Year Winner Finalists
2016 Kansas State
Bradley, Iowa State, Lehigh, Nebraska, Rutgers, San Diego State


Kansas State
Kansas State, Nebraska, Carthage, Rutgers, Purdue, Lehigh, Iowa State
Nebraska, Carthage, Rutgers, Purdue, Alberta, James Madison
2013 Kansas StatePenn State, Kansas, Nebraska, Carthage, North Dakota, Washington
2012Carthage Kansas State RutgersCarthage, Kansas, Kansas State, Lehigh, Oklahoma, Rutgers, San Jose
California, Florida, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Rochester, San Jose
2010MissouriCal Poly, Cornell, Kansas, Oklahoma, Western Illinois, Wisconsin
2009 Missouri Bradley, Central Florida, North Carolina State, Oklahoma, Rochester, Wisconsin
2008   Bradley Cornell, Kansas State, Missouri, North Carolina State, Rochester, Wisconsin
2007 Rochester DePauw, Kansas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, San Jose, Washington
2006  Missouri Central Florida, Kansas, Kansas State, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Washington
2005 DePauw Arlington, Manitoba, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Purdue
2004 Central Florida DePauw, Kansas State, Manitoba, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington
2003 Kansas State DePauw, Kansas, Manitoba, Miami, Missouri, and Washington
2002 Oklahoma Bradley, Carthage, Central Florida, Houston, Indiana, and Missouri
2001 Washington Bradley, DePauw, Houston, Kansas State, Missouri, and Pennsylvania
2000 Houston Bradley, Central Florida, DePauw, Kansas, Kansas State, and Washington
1999 Carthage Central Florida, Purdue, Rochester, and Technology
1998 Carthage DePauw, Houston, Kansas, and Kansas State
1997 Kansas State DePauw, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania State, and Rochester
1996 Rochester Central Florida, DePauw, and North Dakota
1995   DePauw, North Dakota, Rochester, and Wisconsin
1994 Bradley DePauw, Kansas State, Nebraska, Northern Iowa, Oklahoma, Oregon State, Technology, Western Illinois, and Wisconsin
1993 DePauw Bradley, Nebraska, and Oregon State
1992 Oregon State Bradley, Kansas State, Washington, and Wisconsin
1991 Washington Bradley, DePauw, Nebraska, and Oregon State
1990 Bradley DePauw and Oregon State

Distinguished Delta Upsilon Award 
The Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award is the highest honor Delta Upsilon bestows upon it's members. The award was created to recognize those brothers that have extraordinarily impacted their community, profession, and Delta Upsilon in a positive manner.  Each recipient has his name permanently enshrined at the International Headquarters.  In 2008, the nature of the award was adjusted to recognize those brothers whose efforts and exemplary service have had a direct impact on the Fraternity.  

Year Recipients
2016 Will S. Keim, Pacific '75*
2014 E. Bernard Franklin, Kansas State '75
2013 Peter V. Ueberroth, San Jose '59
2012 William L. Messick, Lafayette '68
2010 John A. Delaney, Florida '77; Scott A. W. Johnson, Washington '80;
Wilford A. Butler, Western Michigan '61; Craig J. Franz, Bucknell '75; Ed H. Porter, Oklahoma '65; John T. Weisel, Oregon '48; Nelson Schaenen, Cornell '50
2008 Justin Smith Morrill, Middlebury 1860*; Lewis D. Gregory, Kansas '75
2007 Stephen Crane, Lafayette & Syracuse 1894*; Theodore R. Boehm; Brown '60; Stephen K. Rowley, Ohio '65;  Robert J. Bryan, Washington '56
2006 Thurman L. Munson, Kent State '69*; Paul B. Edgerley, Kansas State '78
2005 Lester B. Pearson, Toronto '19*; Edgar F. Heizer, Northwestern '51; Martin Krasnitz, Chicago '55; Allan A. Warrack, Alberta '61
2004 James A. Garfield, Williams 1856*; Dave Maguire, Southern Illinois '73; Bruce S. Bailey, Denison '58
2003 Charles Evans Hughes, Colgate & Brown 1881*; William A. Hamilton, Oklahoma '57; Ben T. Walkingstick, Oklahoma '52; William T. Porter, Oklahoma '41; Douglas R. Lebda, Bucknell '92; Henry M. Rowan, Williams/Technology '45; H. James Avery, Illinois '44
2002 Dennis R. Rehberg, Washington State '77
2001 Terry L. Bullock, Kansas State '61; Maurice S. Mandel, Chicago '55; Miles G. Bryant III,  Arlington '70; Robert S. Phillips, Syracuse '60; Robert J. Edgar, Alberta '55; Eldon D. Foote, Alberta '48
2000 James D. McQuaid, Chicago 60; Hugh D. Young, Carnegie '52
1998 Howard Kahlenbeck Jr., Indiana '52
1997 C. Esco Obermann, Iowa '26
1995 Keith D. Bunnel, Kansas '46; Charles D. Prutzman, Penn State '18; W. D. Watkins, North Carolina '27; Francis G. Winspear, Alberta '38
1992 Lou L. Holtz, Kent State '58
1990 Herbert Brownell, Nebraska '24; Austin H. Kiplinger, Cornell '39
1989 Eugene A. Wright, Washington '34; James B. Holdermand, Denison '58; R. Gordon McGovern, Brown '48
1988 Linus C. Pauling, Oregon State '22; Karl A. Menninger, Kansas State '14
1987 Arnold O. Beckman, Illinois '22; Thomas W. Darling, Syracuse '81; Arnold Bernhard, Williams '25
1986 Augustus A. White III, Brown '57
1985 Charles F. Jennings, Marietta '31; J. Paul McNamara, Miami '29; Paul J. Olscamp, Western Ontario '58; Phillip R. Shriver, Kent State '44
1984 Robert C. Gimlin, Purdue '42; Terry Hart, Lehigh '68; Frederick H. Hauck, Tufts '62; Robert C. Haugh, Indiana '48; Beurt R. SerVaas, Indiana '41; Brewster H. Shaw, Wisconsin '67; William Wallace III, Union '48
* - Awarded Posthumously

Delta Upsilon Founders Medal 
The Founders Medal recognizes DU alumni and volunteers for their support of the Fraternity above and beyond the the bonds of brotherhood. Each recipient has his name permanently enshrined at the International Headquarters. 

Year Recipients
Harold Hagen, North Dakota State '86
Gary S. Kilips, Alberta'71
Peter Wintemute, Manitoba '60
Paul E. Rosenthal, Florida '73; James R. Hopper, Rochester '71
2010 William J. Landherr, Pennsylvania State '59; James S. Simpkins, Washington State '81
2009 Allan M. Lansing, Western Ontario '53; C. Bruce Laidlaw, Syracuse '55; Byron O. Lee, Purdue '51; Anthony B. Cashen, Cornell '57; Fred W. Harwood, Cornell '59
Anthony T. Murray, Cornell '60; Ronald W. Coble, Purdue '58; A.E. Espeseth, North Dakota State '80; Frederick C. Atkins, North Carolina '67; Ronald R. Kovener, Indiana '55;
Terry J. Brady, Missouri '62
2008 Jerry L. Bobo, Houston '77; E. Bruce McKinney, Missouri '74; George F. Rubin, Lafayette '64
2007 Richard A. Hegeman, Purdue '49; Robert S. Lannin, Nebraska '81
2005 H. Paul Picard Houston '82; Leroy B. Snediker Marietta '50; Henry W. Lang, Illinois '59; Nicholas T. Giorgianni, Kent State '56; Mark Parseghian, Lehigh '49
2004 Donald E. Larew, Iowa State '63; John D. Cathers,Toronto '59
2003 Joe H. Petty, DePauw '36, Edwin T. Mosher, San Jose '52
2002 Br. Craig J. Franz, F.S.C., Bucknell '75; Lloyd G. Gillette, Alberta '54; Frank S. Dodd, Miami '49
2001 Ray K. Zarvell, Bradley '68; Edward M. Hipke, Wisconsin '56

Delta Upsilon Awards of Merit 
The name for the DU Awards of Merit has been so chosen because of the Fraternity's historical tie to the Founders description: "the only superiority that we acknowledge is the superiority of merit" when selecting members to join DU. Likewise, it is the same basis in meaning for these awards, which are presented to esteemed members and friends of the Fraternity who have exhibited their devotion to the Fraternity as well as excellence or notoriety within their field of profession. 

J. Terry Clapacs, Indiana '65 James Conant Award of Merit in Education 2016
Leonard Hoops, San Jose' 87 Sloan-Kettering Award of Merit in Business 2016
Rodney Kirsch, North Dakota '78 James Conant Award of Merit in Education 2016
Andre Lacy, Denison' 61 Sloan-Kettering Award of Merit in Business 2016
Steven Stivers, Ohio State '88 James Garfield Award of Merit in Public Service 2016
Ralph Castner, Nebraska '85 Sloan-Kettering Award of Merit in Business 2015
Thomas Kershaw, Swarthmore '60 Sloan-Kettering Award of Merit in Business 2015
Warren Y. Jobe, North Carolina '63 Sloan-Kettering Award of Merit in Business 2015
Louis L. Holtz, Kent State '58 Holtz-Munson Award of Merit in Sports 2015
Robert J. Mazzuca, Cal Poly '70 Lester B. Pearson Award of Merit in Human Service 2015
David C. Novak, Missouri '74 Sloan-Kettering Award of Merit in Business & Service 2014
K. Craig Bolerjack, Kansas State '80 Edgar J. Bergen Award of Merit in Entertainment
William H. Long II, Missouri '77 James A. Garfield Award of Merit in Public Service
Edward C. Prescott, Swarthmore '62 Dr. Linus Pauling Award of Merit in Science & Service 2014
Wayne B. Goldberg, Louisville '83 Sloan-Kettering Award of Merit in Business & Service 2013
Dr. Wilbur W. Oaks, Lafayette '51 Lester B. Pearson Award of Merit in Human Service
Dr. David B. Frohnmayer, Oregon '01 James B. Conant Award of Merit in Education & Service 2013
Dr. William C. Dement, Washington '52 Dr. Linus Pauling Award of Merit in Science & Service 2013

Dr. Peter W. Carmel, Chicago '56
Dr. Linus Pauling Award of Merit in Science & Service
Craig S. Sowell, Houston '92 Craig Sowell Award of Merit in History 2012
Melinda B. Sopher      
James B. Conant Award of Merit in Education & Service
Hon. Mauricio Rondon Charles Evans Hughes Award of Merit in Justice 2008

DU Key Leader Award
A Key Leader Award is an effective recognition that can be given to a volunteer who exhibits dedication to DU at the local, regional or International level. The intent is to recognize individuals who have the best interests of DU at heart, and who know and understand the requirements and expectations of a DU chapter and an effective DU leader. Key Leaders are acknowledged with a sincere thank you for their volunteer service and recognized for active engagement with the Fraternity. 

2014Jon Callaway, Wisconsin '87
2013Dick Rodine, Oklahoma '73; Rodney Cook, Oklahoma '79; Darrell Beavers, Oklahoma State '76
Joe Knopp, Kansas State '74; Joshua Katz, Central Florida '97
John DelSignore, Penn State '92; Dave Merenda, Penn State '77
Jay Hoover, Virginia '82; Paul Taylor, North Carolina State '89; John Auten, North Carolina State '81; Mark Prakke, North Carolina '87

The Dr. Augustus White, III Award for Civic Engagement and Service

This award was established in 2009 to honor Augustus (Gus) White III, M.D., Ph.D., Brown, '57, and is presented to a member of Delta Upsilon, or a fraternal partner, who has made significant contributions at the local, national, or global community level. This individual or organization has committed to giving back through community service efforts, civic engagement, or global service initiatives. The recipient should be inclusive with their work and committed to working with diverse populations. His or her efforts should be a major component of their life and have a sustainable impact on society. Like Brother White, the individual will embody the Advancement of Justice.

2012 Mark Bergel, Northwestern '85
2011 Kaye Schendel

William H.P. Faunce Interfraternalism Award 
Delta Upsilon has benefited greatly by the support and assistance of many interfraternal brothers and sisters in the Greek community, and publicly recognizes these individuals through this award. The William H.P. Faunce Interfraternalism Award recognizes an individual, or group of individuals, whose efforts have advanced the fraternal movement.

Year Recipients
2016 Judson Horras
2015 Matthew Deeg
2014 Veronica M. Hunter
2013 Monica Lee Miranda
Stephannie Bailey, Steve Veldkamp, Laura Osteen, Mike McRee, Jeremiah Shinn

The Chairman's Award - Outstanding Alumni Volunteer of the Year 

The Chairman's Award for the Outstanding Alumni Volunteer of the Year was created to recognize the time and effort given by an international level alumni volunteer (involvement beyond working with a single chapter) for the betterment of Delta Upsilon chapters within a given year. The recipient has his name engraved on the permanent recognition plaque at the International Headquarters.  

Year Recipients
2016Bill Briscoe, Purdue '65
2015 Ross Powell, Washington State '11 
2014 Corey R. Mock, North Dakota '08 
2012 Joshua A. Katz, Central Florida '97 
Todd C. Sullivan, Santa Barbara '95
2010 Colin P. Finn, Iowa State '05
Jordan B. Lotsoff, Northern Illinois '05
2008 David G. Herzer, Wisconsin '54
2007 Rodney M. Blaco, Cal Poly/San Jose '97
2006 Charlie L. Kavanagh, California '64
2005 Reid M. Ricciardi, Purdue '94
2004 John C. Layman, Michigan '55
2003 Norm E. Sidler, Bradley '91
2002 Dallas L. D'Hondt, Bradley '55
2001 Gary S. Killips, Alberta '71, Dave Latham, Technology '61
2000 Robert S. Lannin, Nebraska '81
1999 Richard A. Hegeman, Purdue '49

Distinguished Undergraduate Award
The Distinguished Undergraduate Award was created to recognize the time and effort given by an undergraduate brother for the improvement of his chapter, campus, and community. The award emphasizes the attributes of an undergraduate's involvement during his whole college career. The recipient has his name engraved on the permanent recognition plaque at the International Headquarters.  

Year Recipients
2016 Deepak Shanmuganandmurthy, Rutgers '16

Finalists: Jacob Ellis, Purdue '16; Hayden Rahn, Oregon '16, Andrew Stewart, Oklahoma '16
2015 Sam Kammermeier, Iowa State '14

Finalists: Derek Lancashire, Ohio State '15; Frank McQuarrie, Rutgers '15; Greg Corrado, Rochester '15
2014 Alex M. Parker, DePauw '14

Finalists: Seth Miller, Kansas '14; Tyler Johnson, Kansas State '14; Tyler Richter, North Dakota '14

2013 Britt A. Taylor, North Carolina State '13

Finalists: Jordan Guess, Oregon State '13; Angel Ochoa, Jr., Oklahoma '13; Tyler West, Oregon State '13; Josh Wimble, Pennsylvania State '13

2012 Neil P. Hall, Arlington '12

Finalists: Trevor Baisden, Rochester '12; Austin Peck, California '12; Eric Schuler, Boise State '12; Aaron Vince, Grand Valley State '12
Greg D. Nance, Chicago '11

Finalists: Matt Panzano, Florida '11; Justin Pierce, Kent State '11; Chase Johnson, Boise State '11
2010 Nick D. Welton, Lehigh '10 

Finalists: Bryan Griffin, Florida '11; Kyle Schumacher, Central Florida '11; Mike Taylor, North Carolina State '11
2009 Douglas R. Massengill Jr., North Carolina '11
2008 John F. Simpson IV, Bradley '08
2007 Brian T. Huntington, Kansas '08
2006 Ryan S. Wesslen, North Carolina '07
2005 Danny E. Collins, Missouri '06
2004 Tom L. Leonard, Michigan '04
2003 Matthew S. Hintze, Illinois '03 
2002 Coady H. Pruett, Cal Poly '02
2001 Bruce J. McRae, Alberta '01
2000 Gregory A. Henkle, Purdue '00
1999 Matthew L. Sternig, Carthage '99

President's Award for Chapter President of the Year
The Chapter President of the Year recognizes the time, effort, and leadership given by a chapter president for the improvement of his chapter. The award emphasizes the attributes of an undergraduate's involvement within the past academic year as opposed to focusing on consecutive years of chapter service, etc.  

Nominate an undergraduate or apply for the Chapter President of the Year award.

Year Recipient
2016 Zach Roake, Bradley '17
2015 Brett Beuck, San Diego State '15
2014 Julian A. Hernandez, Florida '15
2013 Brandon C. Nieveen, Nebraska '13
2012 Tyler T. Deary, San Diego State '13
Austin J. Peck, California '12
2010 Justin D. Pierce, Kent State '11

Chapter Advisor of the Year 

The Chapter Advisor of the Year Award recognizes an involved advisor who is vital to the success of a chapter and the Fraternity. The Fraternity is certain that one of the largest contributing factors to a chapter's long-term success is the commitment and influence of a talented chapter advisor. Delta Upsilon has been fortunate over the years to have had talented and dedicated alumni forego their personal leisure for the benefit of a chapter. (This award is different than the Chairman's Award which will recognize a national-level volunteer.)  

Nominate an alumnus or apply for the Chapter Advisor of the Year award.

Year Recipient
2016 Jami Larson, Iowa State '74
2015 Jeff Sears, Arlington/Northern Arizona '98
2014 H. Francis Bush, Florida '85; Jonno S. Alcaro, Lehigh '74
2013 Tony and Cathy Durano, Wichita Chapter
2012 Bruce V. Howard, San Diego State '70
Sarah Shinn, Boise State Advisor
2010 Joseph J. Rembusch, Northern Illinois '66

Most Improved Chapter

Year Recipient
2016 Western Reserve Chapter
2015 Central Florida Chapter
2014 Lafayette Chapter
2013 Purdue Chapter
2012 North Carolina Chapter, Oregon State Chapter
California Chapter
2010 Florida Chapter

Outstanding Alumni Chapter

Year Recipient
2016 Lafayette
2015 Missouri
2014 Nebraska
2013 Louisville
2012 Kansas State
San Diego State