From Our Archives

Within the grounds of the Fraternity Headquarters are many varying historical resources: history books, old records, minutes of past conventions and board meetings, Delta Upsilon Quarterly magazines dating back to the first one in 1882, and so on. 

IHQ is probably the most condensed storehouse of DU information anywhere, with the second being the New York Public Library, where many of our early records before 1934 are stored. As our headquarters was in New York until 1969, many of our early materials were donated there for safekeeping in the 1930's.

You can find some of these resources online: a searchable, digitized archive of many recent DU Quarterly magazines, thousands of archival photographs, and an ongoing record of events, dates and historically relevant facts. If you have any questions, requests, are looking for something in particular or are inquiring on donating an artifact to our archives, please email at any time.


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