Claim and Dispute Resolution Plan

In April 2014, the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity Board of Directors adopted an arbitration plan. This plan governs all disputes between the Fraternity and its members. All disputes shall be resolved by binding arbitration and no substantive legal rights of any member or the Fraternity are impacted. Thus, any member with a claim or dispute with the Fraternity has all of his substantive legal rights preserved. The dispute will simply be resolved by arbitration, not in court. This should provide a simple, efficient and speedy resolution of disputes, as opposed to protracted litigation through the court system.

Over time, it will hopefully result in a reduction of insurance premiums. The plan covers all members, including undergraduate, alumni and associate members. It also binds the International Fraternity, and all undergraduate and alumni chapters. The Claim and Dispute resolution Plan can be found here (pdf). If there are any questions please contact Justin Kirk, Executive Director, at