From the Quarterly

Fraternity Is Family
E. Bernard Franklin, Kansas State '75
In 1972 it was not common for an African American to be initiated into a predominantly Caucasian fraternity. I grew up in a segregated community in Wichita. I went to black schools, attended a black church and shopped at black grocery stores. Basically our only interaction with white people would have been in some retail establishment. Coming to Kansas State I had every intention of maintaining my segregated place, and initially I did. Click here to continue reading.

Bound By Brotherhood

Four years come and go in the blink of an eye. But your family and brothers last a lifetime. Click here to read more.

Rutgers Makes Huge Contribution to GSI
Throughout the year, chapters strive to find new ways to educate others on their campuses about the Global Service Initiative, all while trying to creatively fundraise for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The men from the Rutgers Chapter have just hit the jackpot on both counts. Click here to read more.

Brotherhood Knows No Bounds

Brother Tom Pethtel, Georgia Tech '12, was a regular college student, until he became ill and was forced to move home in a great attempt to beat cancer. What his brothers did to support him will remind you what true brotherhood looks like. Click here to continue reading.