Heritage Circle

The Heritage Circle honors living brothers and their families who have chosen to include the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation as a beneficiary in their will or estate plans. This prestigious society was established in 2000, and our Heritage Circle members have solidified their commitment to Building Better Men for generations to come. Heritage Circle members are honored on a permanent recognition plaque at the Fraternity's International Headquarters and periodically receive special communication and event invitations.

Samuel Alboy, Northern Arizona '01
Bruce C. Anderson, Purdue '65
Patrick D. Anderson, DePauw '09
Stuart D. Arias, Arlington '17
Matthew A. Baer, Wisconsin '80
Bruce S. Bailey, Denison '58
James G. Bell, Calgary '94
William J. Bittner, Bradley '74
Terry J. Brady, Missouri '62
Kevin J. Brown, Florida '13
Richard B. Campbell, Nebraska '68
Anthony B. Cashen, Cornell '57
Aaron D. Clevenger, Central Florida '97
Robert E. Collins, Eastern Kentucky '74
Kim C. Cox, Illinois '76
Robert A. Dahlsgaard, Bradley '63
William F. Darlin, Miami '56
Derek D. Dauel, Nebraska '15
Stephan C. Davis, Northern Colorado '94
John A. Delaney, Florida '77
Charles E. Downton, North Carolina '66
Steven L. Driever, Virginia '69
Thomas F. Durein, Oregon State '92
Clint M. Dworshak, North Dakota State '00
Gerald A. Dykhuisen, Northern Illinois '68
John R. Dytman, Syracuse '71
Colin P. Finn, Iowa State '05
Steven R. Fisher, Washington '87
David Franzetta, Michigan State '70

Jeffrey L. Fuhrman, Northern Iowa '94
Lewis D. Gregory, Kansas '75
Terrence F. Grimes, Eastern Kentucky '71
Jordan L. Guess, Oregon State '13
Thomas E. Harrison, Johns Hopkins '53
Daniel C. Hauser, Oregon State '10
Gregory L. Haymon, Oklahoma '77
John C. Herron, South Carolina '88
Gregg A. Hines, Georgia Tech '11
Frank L. Howe, Louisville '64
Everett C. Johnson, Arizona '62
Michael O. Johnson, Arkansas '90
Ryan D. Jones, Long Beach '95
Justin J. Kirk, Boise State '00
Rodney P. Kirsch, North Dakota '78
Thomas M. Koehler, Carnegie '87
Allan M. Lansing, Western Ontario '53
Donald E. Larew, Iowa State '63
Kelly S. Leach, Nebraska '85
William M. Leete, Carnegie '58
Jordan B. Lotsoff, Northern Illinois '88
Carroll L. Lurding, Ohio State '59
Eric H. Lybeck, North Dakota '97
Dave R. Maguire, Southern Illinois '73
Maurice S. Mandel, Chicago '55
Michael P. McCormick, Rutgers '18
James D. McQuaid, Chicago '60
Craig R. Milkint, Illinois '83
Charles L. Miller, San Jose '59

Robert J. Miller, Carthage '09
Adam A. Mitteer, Michigan Tech '03
Rodney L. Nelson, Minnesota '63
Warren P. Nesbitt, Wisconsin '76
H. P. Picard, Houston '82
Alvan E. Porter, Oklahoma '65
Philip G. Ranford, Culver-Stockton '00
Daryl W. Reisfeld, Rochester '03
Paul E. Rosenthal, Florida '73
Stephen K. Rowley, Ohio '65
Michael H. Sarra, Auburn '64
Jeffrey W. Sears, Northern Arizona '98
Richard D. Sell, Kansas State '78
Trent A. Shepard, Illinois '73
Richard D. Snyder, Iowa State '52
Craig S. Sowell, Houston '92
Shea M. Stanley, Indiana '09
Chris J. Steis, Maryland '78
Tyler K. Stevens, North Carolina State '11
Nathaniel Szkil, Carthage '07
Richard X. Taylor, North Carolina State '82
Zachary S. Thomas, North Florida '09
Conor E. Tomac, Nebraska '17
R. D. Tucker, Georgia Tech '59
Ben T. Walkingstick, Oklahoma '52
John T. Weisel, Oregon '48
Richard S. Wilson, Pennsylvania State '52
Scott W. Wilson, Colorado '73
Craig D. Zelent, Illinois '84

DU Brothers Leaving a Legacy

Brothers Peter Bridgford, Northwestern ’56 (right), and Leslie Dashiell, Miami ’52 (left), each considered the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation in their estate plans as members of our Heritage Circle. These transformational gifts secure the future of the Fraternity and inspire the generation of DU brothers to come.

In Brother Bridgford’s case, his $3,770 bequest provided a much needed boost to our Annual Loyalty Fund and will further our educational priorities with an investment in our endowment.

Brother Dashiell directed his estate gift of $38,000 toward the Miami Chapter Legacy Plan, which secures the educational program attendance of his fellow undergraduate brothers and a sense of longevity for his beloved chapter. 


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"When I received the offer from the DU Educational Foundation to utilize FreeWill, it seemed like a natural opportunity to think long term and how to create a lasting influence. As the only organization I listed in my will, I realize the impact that Delta Upsilon had on my personal and professional life. I wanted to make sure to continue that legacy in any way that I could for future brothers. I've always wondered about the right time to create a will but hadn't taken the first step, and this prompted me to do so. I was impressed by how streamlined the platform was in making what I viewed as a complicated and unknown process very easy."
- Jordan Guess, Oregon State '13