Building Better Men Retreats allow every chapter member to build a strong, principled brotherhood.

About Building Better Men Retreats

Building Better Men Retreats take the concept of a chapter retreat to the next level. Seasoned Delta Upsilon staff members facilitate a weekend-long retreat geared toward jumpstarting the chapter and charting a path to future success.

The retreat is tailored to meet specific chapter needs. This includes defining effective brotherhood within the chapter, identifying chapter priorities and creating a plan of action. Each member is given a voice in the future of the chapter through a series of activities that emphasize problem solving, innovation, vision-setting and action planning. To close the retreat, every member is asked to take ownership for the future of his chapter by making a commitment to his specific role in the creation of a better future for Delta Upsilon.

Building Better Men about

Building Better Men Reasons


Reasons to host a Building Better Men Retreat:

  • Take your chapter to the next level
  • Become/remain an award-winning chapter on your campus and within DU
  • Examine what your chapter is really like
  • To challenge your members and your entire chapter
  • Increase effectiveness of communication between your members and alumni
  • Tackle issues facing your chapter and university/college community
  • Shape the future of your chapter
  • Identify the future leaders of your chapter
  • Create goals and action plans for the year ahead


A chapter/colony looking to host a Building Better Men Retreat must:
  • Require their membership to attend the entirety of the scheduled program
  • Have the entire Executive Board in attendance for a leadership meeting with facilitator and for the entirety of the program
  • Encourage advisors to participate in the program
  • Secure an on-campus meeting space that is outside of the chapter facility
  • Facilitate an all-chapter brotherhood event following scheduled program
Building Better Ment Requirements

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DU Staff are ready and willing to host a Building Better Men Retreat for your chapter. Bring your chapter to the next level.


Facilitator Interest

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