regional leadership academy

It takes a village to have a strong chapter. In our case, that village includes our current and future chapter officers. That’s why we train them at RLA.

About RLA

Each February, the Regional Leadership Academy serves as the Fraternity’s largest undergraduate educational program of the year. IHQ staff facilitate the Regional Leadership Academy (RLA) in five locations throughout the United States. These academies serve as a unique opportunity for chapter officers in a specific geographic region to attend sessions that span a wide range of topics affecting fraternity life. RLA is intentionally designed as an officer training platform to provide tangible skills needed for success as defined by the Delta Upsilon Officer Core Competencies.

Both current and future chapter officers are invited to attend this interactive programming that is designed to help him tailor the RLA experience to his needs and role in the chapter. RLA includes 25 different breakout sessions and five general sessions that allow for extensive variety and depth in the educational content. Attendees participate in workshops, keynote presentations, team-based challenges and feedback sessions that help sharpen their personal skills and begin to understand effective organizational practices.

RLA About

RLA 2019

Thank you to all those who attended a 2018 RLA! Stay tuned for more information about 2019 RLA sessions, which will be held in February 2019.


- WEST -
Portland, Oregon
FEb. 8-10, 2019
- South -
Atlanta, Georgia
FEb. 8-10, 2019

- Northeast -
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
FEb. 15-17, 2019

- Great Plains -

Feb. 15-17, 2019
- Midwest -
Chicago, Illinois
Feb. 22-24, 2019

RLA Impact

RLA’s Impact

According to evaluation results, participants leave RLA prepared to develop and implement tangible goals for legitimate positive progress in their chapters.

(Responses are on a 1-7 scale. 1=Not at All. 7=Very Much.)

  • I feel equipped to engage others in creating positive change in my chapter. 5.94
  • I believe that I am able to help members of my chapter understand the mission and principles of DU. 6.02
  • I am able to objectively identify the core issues facing my chapter. 6.11
  • I am confident in my ability to develop a comprehensive action plan for my chapter. 6.07

“As an emerging leader and a first time executive board member, I learned through RLA that I need to refine my focus and set some solid goals. I feel more inspired to help my chapter than I have in a long time. With this new motivation, I hope to bring in some much needed change.”

- Jeremy Reynolds, Florida ‘17

Facilitator Interest

Want to help Delta Upsilon build better men? Complete our Facilitator Interest Form if you are interested in volunteering as a DU educational program facilitator.