The Oak Circle, DUEF’s undergraduate giving society, creates a pattern of giving allowing brothers to help brothers.


The Oak Circle is the primary medium for undergraduate giving for the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation. It is the perfect way for undergraduate members and their families to contribute to Delta the DUEF’s annual fund.

The Oak Circle was developed in 2001 by Brother Aaron Clevenger, Central Florida '97, while he was serving as the Foundation's Director of Development. He envisioned a program that would educate DU undergraduates of the importance of financial giving to the Fraternity and to create a pattern of giving that extends as they become an alumnus, which remains the program's purpose to this day.

The Oak Circle name was derived from the Oak that is located on the Convention Banneret. The Convention Banneret's principal charge is the oak tree whose trunk and branches show the relationship of the chapters to the General Fraternity. Since its inception, the Oak Circle has grown each year, producing scholarships for our undergraduate brothers. 

Oak Circle FAQ

Member Benefits and Recognition

Every undergraduate who joins the Oak Circle Undergraduate Giving Club by May 1 annually will receive the membership apparel item for that year (unveiled at the Presidents Academy in January). Membership apparel items will be given immediately to anyone who joins on-site at the Presidents Academy or Regional Leadership Academy, but all others who join will have their apparel items shipped to their respective mailing address. Along with publishing the names of all donors in the Foundation's Annual Report, the DUEF will also annually recognize chapters (based on the dollars raised and percentage of members in the Oak Circle) at the Leadership Institute in the summer.

The 2020 gift is a floral, Delta Upsilon necktie! 


The money raised through the program is directed towards the Oak Circle Scholarship Endowment Fund for individual Oak Circle Scholarships. An endowment virtually means "permanent funds." The money raised goes into and remains in a permanent and specific set-aside "account." The annual interest that is gained is what produces the scholarships that are awarded annually. As the endowment increases, the number of scholarships that will be awarded increase.

The Oak Circle Scholarship recipients are chosen annually from the scholarship applicants by the Oak Circle Scholarship Committee. Recipient receives a scholarship to one of DU's award-winning educational programs or the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute


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