Annual and Lifetime Giving

Recognizing all DUEF donors through membership in Annual Giving Clubs and Lifetime Giving Circles.


Given how critical the Annual Loyalty Fund is for the DU Educational Foundation and the educational programs we fund, our donors are honored each year with membership in Annual Giving Clubs. Although annual gifts of any size are encouraged and welcomed, the Foundation’s goal is to recognize donors and encourage them to aspire for membership in higher Annual Giving Clubs in the future. The Annual Giving Club names and giving levels are explained below, and donors are recognized for their membership each year in the DUEF Annual Report.

$50,000 – Old West Hall Club
$25,000 – Men of Merit Club
$20,000 – Coat of Arms Club
$15,000 – Cornerstone Club
$10,000 – Global Impact Club
$7,500 – Seven Stars Club
$5,000 – Non-Secret Club
$2,500 – Scales of Justice Club
$1,000 – Founders Club
$500 – Presidents Club
$250 – Old Gold Club
$100 – Sapphire Blue Club
$50 – Loyalty Club
$49-$1 – DU Donor


The Foundation will forever be grateful for the DUs, parents and friends who provide gifts of time and treasurer throughout their lives. The more lifelong donors committed to investing in our Building Better Men mission, the greater our Fraternity and our world will be. Thankfully, the DUEF has donors with more than $1,000,000 in lifetime giving, as well as younger brothers who have gifted $10,000 and counting. Along with recognition in the Annual Report, the Lifetime Giving Circles explained below are on permanent display on the Lifetime Giving Wall at the International Headquarters. This display commemorates the cumulative impact of our most loyal and generous donors and reminds future generations of the loyal DUs who came before them.

$1,000,000 – Dikaia Upotheke Circle
$500,000 – James A. Garfield Circle
$250,000 – Charles Evans Hughes Circle
$100,000 – Williams Circle
$75,000 – Chairman's Circle
$50,000 – Trustees Circle
$25,000 – Hugh Nesbitt Circle
$10,000 – Circle of Justice
$7,500 – Circle of Culture
$5,000 – Circle of Character
$2,500 – Circle of Friendship
$1,000 – Circle of Loyal Brothers

“I am proud of my support of the DU Educational Foundation over the past 52 years. Delta Upsilon has provided me with a life-changing experience through undergraduate associations and lifelong friendships ever since. It is highly gratifying to see the tradition of developing new leaders continue from the Fraternity’s efforts, and I’m glad to support the work DU continues to do.”

Maury Mandel, Chicago ’55
DUEF Donor for 52 Consecutive Years!

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