DU aims to build better men, and each of our educational programs is designed to do just that.


More than 2,000 men attend a DU educational program every year that is outside of their regular chapter programming. That’s about half of our undergraduate membership.

DU is an industry leader in leadership education, community engagement and international learning. We recognized the importance of helping both individual members and individual chapters achieve and sustain success—and we understand the correlation between the two. Strong leaders build strong chapters. Strong chapters build a culture of success that empowers men.


Our programming is designed for all members, not just officers, and provides learning in areas much deeper than basic chapter operations. They are uniquely designed to help men expand their personal leadership capacity, thus improving the operational efficiency of their chapter. The programs are designed and facilitated by expert staff who are leaders in the field.


Our experience tells us that more involvement in DU programs results in better leadership, higher member retention, increased involvement, and a deeper commitment to the Fraternity’s Mission and Purpose.

Sweepstakes Award Finalists—our top chapters—send 200% more men than the average chapter to DU programs.

Sweepstakes FinalistsAverage Chapter
Chapter GPA3.163.02
Points Above Campus All-Men's Average GPA0.220.0
Number of Men Above Campus300
“Delta Upsilon is quickly becoming the Fraternity that colleges and universities have been waiting for.”

– Jeremiah Shinn, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President of Student Life, Boise State University

Facilitator Interest

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