Providing an extra level of support, Province Governors are volunteers who work with undergraduate and alumni chapters within a geographic area (called a province).

Appointed by the Board of Directors, a Province Governors duties include:

  • Representing the Fraternity to all its stakeholders
  • Building Better Men by focusing on the Fraternity's non-secret heritage and Four Founding Principles
  • Assisting chapters in its province with meeting the Men of Merit Chapter Standards
  • Establishing and achieving province goals each semester
  • Communicating regularly with undergraduate and alumni leaders of the chapters in the province

Province 1 - Northeast

Derek Dunham, North Dakota '89

Province 2 - Midwest

Kevin Friis, Western Reserve '09

Province 3 - South

Walter Oliff, Central Florida '17

Province 4 - Great Plains

Kevin Guinan, Iowa State ’15

Province 5 - West

Jason Clark, Washington State ’01

Province 6 - Canada

Alex Mulligan, Toronto '18