When young men hear the charge given during initiation, we ignite their passion for Delta Upsilon and our Four Founding Principles. 

It is time to forever ensure friendship, character, culture and justice advance our men, our fraternity and our world.

This $6 Million Ignite The Charge Campaign IS IGNITING the passion of DUs everywhere and answerING THE CHARGE of our future by investing in the individuals, chapters, and volunteers writing the next historic chapter for our Fraternity.

Individual Development ($2.4M)

  • Endow DU’s Presidents Academy
  • Add a second session of DU’s Emerging Leaders Experience (DUEL)
  • Fund an ongoing member development program
  • Endow 1,500+ educational program scholarships annually

Chapter Enhancement ($2.3M)

  • Endow local Building Better Men Retreats
  • Fund scholarships for chapter officers to Regional Leadership Academies
  • Invest in training for chapter advisors through Advisor Academies
  • Create chapter endowments for educational programs through Chapter Legacy Plans

Fraternal Relevance & Innovation ($1.3M)

  • Create a new Senior Capstone Program for undergraduate seniors and distinguished alumni
  • Fund Membership Outcomes Assessment (DYAD research) for three years
  • Support involvement & advocacy for the Fraternal experience with NIC research
  • Invest in modern technologies for online coaching and education 

A Proven track record

The last 15 years represents one of the most remarkable periods in Delta Upsilon’s history. At a time when some questioned the relevance of the college fraternity, our progress in membership, academics, leadership development and alumni support has solidified North America’s oldest non-secret Fraternity as the premier brotherhood experience for college men.

Through years of cutting-edge leadership programming, increased local chapter support, and bold Building Better Men initiatives, Delta Upsilon has seen an indisputable rise to prominence. 

Although our organizational progress has been impressive, the crowning achievement of the last 15 years has been our undergraduates’ undying loyalty to DU’s Four Founding Principles. Friendship, Character, Culture and Justice are the ideals that our men, our Fraternity and our world need now more than ever.

Future of the DUEF

Today’s modern fraternity serves as a value-added extracurricular activity that provides relevant experiences that prepare men for the future in ways that cannot be found in the typical college experience. Delta Upsilon has developed proven and award-winning educational programs and initiatives that help us build better chapters, better global citizens, better brothers, better men. Right now, the DUEF is only able to partially fund these initiatives. Our goal is to fund more of these programs and provide more and more men the opportunity to attend them. 

We need the help of our brothers and friends to fill the educational gap. Our greatest challenge for the future is to expand our endowment and base of resources so that we are able to meet our members’ educational needs. Tax-deductible contributions, gifts and bequests will determine the extent to which the Foundation can continue to change the lives of tomorrow's leaders.

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DUEF Staff Members

Sean FitzGerald , Michigan '12

Director of Advancement



Contact for: Annual Loyalty Fund, DUEF alumni events, Oak Circle program, Foundation Ambassador program, Foundation communications

Ryan King

Chief Advancement Officer



Contact for: DUEF strategies and operations; annual, capital and endowment funds; major gifts; DUEF polices and governance; DUEF grants and annual impact

Justin Kirk , Boise State '00

Executive Director

317-875-8900 ext. 213


Contact for: Awards, alumni clubs, chapter emergency/crisis, housing, CEA information and account setup, DU archives/history

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Will you join us in Building Better Men for a global society? Your support of the DUEF will help provide educational programming, chapter initiatives and scholarships to young men who will soon lead our world.