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Delta Upsilon dares to be different. Join us on our mission to create meaningful, lasting experiences that will shape your life for the better.


The college years are an important time in your life. Fraternity membership offers a host of learning and social opportunities not found anywhere else on a college campus. Did you know national Gallup research results show that fraternity/sorority members are more likely to thrive post-graduation in the five elements of well-being? With those elements being purpose, social, financial, physical and community. Fraternity/sorority members are also found to be more engaged in the workplace, are more likely to have a mentor, and are more likely to take advantage of experiential learning opportunities while in college. In short, fraternity members are more engaged on campus and better prepared for life after college.

Especially as we continue to come out of the pandemic, fraternity membership will provide you with experiences you may have missed the past two years: friendship, belonging, leadership development and service opportunities, a robust support system of peers and mentors. Let us show you why Delta Upsilon is the right fit for you. 

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Recruitment: What to Expect

Recruitment (formally known as rush) is a time when prospective members get to meet with and learn more about the fraternities on campus and vice versa. Each campus holds recruitment a little differently. Formal recruitment days structured by your college/university are typically held in the fall, while some campuses hold formal recruitment in the spring. Sometimes, events are more structured, while others may be more informal. No matter the recruitment type, the goal is this: find an organization with values that align with yours, a place where you can be yourself, brothers who value you and what you can bring to the fraternity, and a place that will help you grow. 

In Delta Upsilon, our goal is to get to know you and share with you how membership in DU can enhance your college experience and beyond. We will do this by sharing important information with you and interacting with you in ways we can learn more about you. This could include formal information sessions, dinners, small group hangouts or even virtual events like game night. 

Delta Upsilon is a proud non-hazing fraternity. Any recruitment event you attend should be safe and free from alcohol or other substances. This will continue after you join as DU values health and safety and has a Substance-free Housing Policy. You can view all of our policies here


Delta Upsilon is North America's sixth oldest fraternity and oldest non-secret fraternity. Founded on Nov. 4, 1834, at Williams College in Massachusetts, DU has always been an organization that seeks to promote and advance justice while creating valuable learning and personal development experiences for men.

Our mission is Building Better Men and our vision is to be the premier men's fraternity that prepares our brothers for a global society through service, leadership development and lifelong personal growth for our diverse membership. Simply put, DU helps build good men who are difference makers. The experiences we offer are relevant and better prepare men for the world than the typical college experience.


Our Four Founding Principles

As a Fraternity, Delta Upsilon frames everything we do around our Four Founding Principles. We need men of character who promote friendship and well-being, who recognize and celebrate what makes each of us different and unique. Above all else, we need men who are committed to the advancement of justice.

The Promotion ofFriendship

The Development ofCharacter

The Diffusion ofLiberal Culture

The Advancement ofJustice


Since our founding, Delta Upsilon has been a non-secret fraternity. What that means is that all our Rituals and governing documents are open to the public. Most fraternities and sororities keep these items private — for members' eyes only. However, Delta Upsilon believes in transparency. How could we let people know the true value of membership and what we stand for if we were to keep our most important documents and beliefs secret?

As a prospective member, we invite you to learn more about our Ritual and governing documents. Ask questions during the recruitment process. Just like other fraternities, we still have Rituals, like Initiation Ceremonies, that are rich in history and meaning. And structurally, we all host the same types of events. The DU difference is that we don't keep any of it a secret. Nearly 200 years after Delta Upsilon's founding, that is still a refreshing change of pace.

View Delta Upsilon's Ritual Book

View Delta Upsilon's Governing Documents

Educational Programs

Delta Upsilon offers a number of educational programs that teach practical leadership and life skills. Designed based on the needs of undergraduate brothers and rooted in our Four Founding Principles, these programs build stronger leaders, better men and stronger chapters. Delta Upsilon's educational programs have a proven track record of success and have won numerous awards from professional fraternity/sorority associations, as well as groups like the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).

At this time, the Fraternity hopes to be able hold our educational programs in person in 2022. However, as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, we will move these programs to a virtual format if necessary, as we did in 2021. Visit our Program Library page for recordings of webinars we hosted last school year


As a DU, you will take part in a number of educational programs at the chapter level that will help you reach your potential. We want to highlight a few of those programs for you.

Every DU participates in the Fraternity's standardized Associate Member Education Program after he joins. This award-winning, eight-week program introduces new members to the Fraternity, providing information on DU's history, Four Founding Principles, operations, local history, team building, leadership success and more. This program creates a hazing-free environment that helps men learn how to connect with one another and the DU brotherhood in a positive, safe environment.

Every new DU is also asked to take CommunityEdu. This science-based course aims not to preach, but rather to teach the facts about alcohol, hazing, sexual assault, mental health and inclusivity. It empowers members to make well-informed decisions and provides simple strategies to keep them and their friends safe. This course must be completed prior to Initiation. 


Delta Upsilon offers several international programs that bring together DUs from across North America to learn from trained Fraternity staff and volunteers about a variety of topics.

Some programs (like Presidents Academy, Regional Leadership Academy and Recruitment Symposium) offer support and training for chapter leaders. Other programs (like the Leadership Institute and DU Emerging Leaders Experience) feature a broad range of educational offerings that benefit all members.

Delta Upsilon's international service project and philanthropy is the Global Service Initiative. Every DU chapter raises money for GSI, and the Fraternity offers three GSI service-learning trips per year. On these trips, brothers travel to Jamaica for a week of hands-on service and values reflection. This award-winning program is a first in the interfraternal community and prepares students for success in an ever changing and growing global environment by developing global awareness and cultural competencies.


Delta Upsilon has chapters across the U.S. and Canada. For a full list of chapters, click here. Each chapter is an extension of the International Fraternity with the same mission, Principles, beliefs and governing policies. However, each chapter has a unique history and set of traditions based on campus culture, geographic location, chapter size, whether it is housed or un-housed, and more. As such, individual chapters may have varying local philanthropies and activities specific to their community. Chapters can also have their own set of bylaws that are in addition to the International Fraternity's Constitution & By-laws to address specific needs and concerns of the chapter.

*Please note that while Delta Upsilon is a non-secret Fraternity, we also respect our members' privacy. Because our members are adults who made the personal decision to join DU, there are some pieces of information that may not be shared with your parents without your expressed consent. This may include specifics about dues/finances, member conduct issues, and more.


Each semester/term, brothers are assessed dues and work with their chapter to pay those dues. Chapters create their budgets and dues structures each year with guidance from the International Fraternity and volunteers to be unique to that chapter's housing situation and chapter activities. This means, that depending on which chapter you join, dues may be more or less than those from other DU chapters.

All dues collection will happen at the chapter level. If you have questions about dues, finances or the possibility of a payment plan, please ask the chapter.

Delta Upsilon's dues structure is one of the most competitive of all fraternities. Learn more about DU finances by downloading our Where Does My Money Go? PDF.


Various housing types exist within Delta Upsilon. Some chapters have traditional, stand-alone houses. Others have housing provided by the university or rent from a private landlord. Others may simply have a "suite" or meeting room on campus in which to gather.

While the International Fraternity does have housing policies and guidelines all chapters must follow (like the Substance-free Housing Policy mentioned above), it does not own any chapter housing. DU housing is either owned and managed by a local alumni corporation or the college/university.

If you have questions about housing contracts, invoices, etc., please ask the chapter.


All Delta Upsilon members and chapters are obligated to uphold all DU policies (International and local); university polices; and all local, state/province, and federal law. When these obligations are not met, intervention and/or accountability actions may take place.

Each chapter is expected to self-govern and hold members accountable within the confines of International Fraternity policy and procedures. When the need arises, conduct issues may be taken up by the International Fraternity's Judicial Committee. At both the local and international level, DU's aim is to provide support and assistance to the chapter and/or any member involved.

Sometimes, universities will sanction chapters or members for alleged misconduct. In these instances, the International Fraternity will work to partner with the university to investigate and address concerns as they arise.

Please know that when it comes to member conduct, DU aims to share important information with you while also respecting members' privacy and legal rights. 

Additional Resources


The Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation is a separate 501(c)3 organization that is able to accept tax-deductible gifts. As parents, we invite you to join us in Building Better Men. Gifts to the Foundation help fund the programs, scholarships and initiatives that create strong, lifelong leaders and global citizens.

Through the Foundation, brothers, parents and friends can give directly to funds supporting a specific chapter or to the Annual Loyalty Fund, DU's general Foundation fund.

The DU Educational Foundation also provides 11 McQuaid Scholarships each year that help brothers fund their undergraduate or graduate degrees. We encourage all members to consider this opportunity. 


Delta Upsilon has a number of publications and resources available to help you learn more about the Fraternity.


The DU Quarterly is Delta Upsilon's member magazine. Members begin to receive it upon joining. Anyone can read the DU Quarterly online.


The Cornerstone is DU's member manual. Each new member receives a copy of the book when he joins the Fraternity. It provides information on DU's history, policies and more.

Read the DU Quarterly Read The Cornerstone

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