The hub for all things Delta Upsilon, International Headquarters houses our Fraternity and Educational Foundation staffs.


Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, Delta Upsilon International Headquarters (IHQ) houses the offices of both the International Fraternity and Educational Foundation. It is the center for all activities of both entities, including all areas of chapter services, alumni services, leadership development and programming, and educational support.

The Fraternity and Foundation staffs are loyal individuals dedicated to the betterment of Delta Upsilon. Members are encouraged to use the IHQ as a resource, taking advantage of the many things it can provide.

History of the Fraternity Headquarters

Though DU was founded in 1834, it wasn’t until the 1880s that the idea of a Fraternity central office was seriously discussed. At the 1882 Convention in Michigan, the Convention asked that the headquarters be established in New York City. Then, in 1883, the first Fraternity office was established in Room 7 of 842 Broadway.

As DU began to grow and larger office spaces were required, the headquarters’ physical location moved to different parts of New York City on three separate occasions. In 1920, the offices were located at 10 W. 23rd before moving to 285 Madison Avenue 1931. Then, in 1940, the Fraternity finally settled at 271 Madison Avenue.


The headquarters remained in an 8th floor space of 271 Madison until 1969, when it moved to Indianapolis. At this time, a Greek headquarters “community” was being built in Indianapolis that afforded DU many benefits, most importantly, a headquarters building more centrally located to its chapters. For one year, the Fraternity worked from a temporary office in Indianapolis while the current headquarters was in construction. That space was completed in December 1970, and officially dedicated on Saturday, April 17, 1971.

Funding for the construction of the Delta Upsilon International Headquarters came from Brother Lester E. Cox, Pennsylvania 1898. Brother Cox retained a lifelong interest in Delta Upsilon and its activities, leaving a bequest in excess of $175,000 to the Fraternity. Upon his passing in 1938, the bequest was to be held for the benefit of his sister, Mrs. Alice Lynch, during her lifetime. When Mrs. Lynch died in 1964, shortly before her 93rd birthday, the bequest was turned over to the Fraternity to help construct the headquarters building.


Over the years, the IHQ building has seen various remodeling projects to update and maintain interior furnishings and structural design. Most notably, in February of 2001, the headquarters moved to a temporary office space nearby so the building could undergo a complete renovation. The building was gutted entirely, leaving only the four outer walls intact. The building's interior was redesigned to better accommodate the staff, improve the operations of the Fraternity, and provide more space for displaying the Fraternity's archival collection. On June 22, 2001, the Fraternity moved back to its headquarters building. The renovation provided the headquarters with more office space, more efficient field staff work space, additional conference space, updated interior design and furnishings, and a new exterior look.

Historical Displays

The Fraternity International Headquarters hosts one of the foremost collections of Delta Upsilon artifacts. While many items are kept in archives, there is much on display throughout the building. Memorabilia includes past awards and correspondence, dormant chapter roll book and rosters, membership records, publications, badges and more. Members and friends are welcome to tour the headquarters during regular business hours.

Many of the items found in the Delta Upsilon archives were donated to IHQ by alumni, chapters or family members. For more information regarding our headquarters or to seek information regarding artifact donation, please contact us at

Butler Memorial Headquarters Dedication

On Nov. 4, 2010, the Fraternity honored the memory and service of former Executive Director, Wilford A. Butler, Western Michigan '61, with a ceremony at the at the headquarters. Brother Butler was DU’s executive director from 1962-1986, a time that included IHQ’s from New York to Indianapolis. He died in December 2009 after a short illness. The Wilford A. Butler Education Chair was announced during the dedication to ensure that generations of DU leaders will benefit from world-class training. The chair is held by Delta Upsilon's senior director of educational programs.