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Delta Upsilon is dedicated to providing safe, supportive environments in which we build better men. We strive to make our chapters and campus communities stronger.

May 16, 2018 

Since Delta Upsilon’s founding in 1834, we have prided ourselves as being a forward-thinking organization. Time and time again, we have made decisions based not on tradition, but on the application of our Founding Principles toward member development. That is why Delta Upsilon is the oldest non-secret, non-hazing fraternity. That is why we are viewed as an innovator among our peers.

Today, the International Fraternity’s Board of Directors announces the adoption of new policies aimed to further enhance our mission of Building Better Men. After careful consideration, the Board of Directors has passed a substance-free housing policy that will take effect Aug. 1, 2020. This means that within two years, no alcohol, tobacco or other drugs will be stored or used in a DU chapter facility, regardless of a member’s age. To help chapters ease into this transition, beginning Aug. 1, 2018, all hard alcohol will be removed from chapter housing, and there will be stipulations on where beer and wine may be stored, consumed and distributed within a chapter house.

For more specifics on the policies, please view our Substance-Free Housing Overview and FAQ found on this webpage.

For the past year, the Board of Directors has been working to develop Delta Upsilon’s next strategic plan. As a Board, it is our responsibility to position Delta Upsilon for success and ensure the Fraternity remains a relevant part of both our members’ lives and the higher education landscape. In our recent discussions, we have spent considerable time addressing the culture of the fraternity/sorority community. It is no secret that is has been a trying few years. Even though we build leaders, prepare men for life and serve our communities, serious tragedies at prominent institutions have put fraternities under the microscope. While the major headlines were not about Delta Upsilon, we are not immune to such criticism and need to lead change. As a Board, our discussions kept coming back to how this culture impacts the environment within which our brothers live and grow. Delta Upsilon’s past strategic plans have focused heavily on the educational programming needed for Building Better Men. The next plan must continue those efforts, but now more than ever, we must also address the environment in which we aim to build better men.

Delta Upsilon chapter facilities must be safe, productive places to live and learn at all times. While we understand these policies will not eliminate all risk, we firmly believe improving our environment will create long-term culture change that will benefit our chapters, members and campus communities in many ways. In the months and years ahead, the International Fraternity will work one-on-one with our chapters to implement these policies and address their concerns. We will hire a new staff member dedicated specifically to help with this transition. We have also been in consultation with substance abuse experts including Jason Kilmer, Washington ’91, to develop resources and educational programming. In addition, we will join our peer fraternities with substance-free policies to advocate that other fraternities and campuses join us in this effort.

As we have been for 184 years, Delta Upsilon is committed to serving a positive force in the lives of our brothers and the communities we call home. Removing alcohol from our facilities sends a clear message about our purpose, values and commitment to make campuses safe for all students. Should you have questions or comments regarding the substance-free housing policy and direction of the Fraternity, please email

Thank you for your support and continued dedication to Delta Upsilon’s Four Founding Principles. Together, we are Building Better Men.

Dikaia Upotheke (Justice, Our Foundation),

E. Bruce McKinney, Missouri ’74
International Fraternity President

Robert S. Lannin, Nebraska ’81
Chairman of the Board 

Substance-Free Housing Resources

Delta Upsilon is dedicated to providing the resources and support chapters need to transition to substance-free housing. This page will be continuously updated as more resources are developed. If you have questions about the policies or suggestions on current or future resources, contact

Substance-free Housing Overview

Substance-free Housing FAQ

Student Testimonials

"To me, the meaning of DU is to have a constant support network of brothers who are always looking to push each other and better each other. It’s encouraging your brothers to go study more, apply for that internship they really want, or asking them to volunteer with you—to build better men. Alcohol doesn’t play a role in what it means to be a DU."

- Alex Mulligan, Toronto '18

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