DUEL connects you with DU’s Principles and your personal leadership skills like no other program.

2021 DU Emerging Leaders experience

DU is excited to host the 2021 Delta Upsilon Emerging Leaders Experience (DUEL) in person!

July 29-Aug. 1, 2021
New Orleans, Louisiana 

DUEL is an immersive program for up to 30 first- and second-year students who are interested in developing their leadership potential. It is uniquely designed to help young leaders meet the challenges and responsibilities in life and in their chapter.

Using the StrengthsQuest Inventory, the men begin to identify, analyze and understand their personal leadership. They begin to take ownership for creating their ideal experience through Delta Upsilon and identify the specific actions needed to make that experience a reality. They will immerse themselves into conversations regarding diversity and shared values to effectively collaborate and lead through courage and conversation. Most importantly, attendees will create a personal vision of the future for themselves and their chapter.

Please note that DUEL 2021 coincides with the Leadership Institute, also in New Orleans. LI and DUEL are two separate educational programs, and students will attend one or the other, not both.

Registration is covered by scholarship from DUEF. Participants provide their own travel. The deadline for applications for DUEL has been extended to July 1.

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Important Health and Safety Information:
  • Attendees will be asked to show proof of a valid COVID-19 vaccination card prior to arrival. Upon arrival, anyone without a completed vaccination card will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test from within the past 48 hours. Failure to provide a vaccination card or negative test will result in you being unable to attend any DUEL function or stay within the DUEL hotel room block until you can do so.
    • Any testing costs will be the responsibility of the participant.
    • Local testing centers have been identified, if needed.
  • For our Canadian brothers: The International Fraternity recognizes that Canada and its provinces currently have lockdown, travel restrictions and quarantine guidelines in place, which may prevent you from being able to attend DUEL. We advise you to follow all federal and provincial restrictions. The International Fraternity will continue to monitor the situation as we move closer to the event, and we recommend that you do so as well.

For more information, please visit our website. For questions, contact Director of Educational Programs Veronica Moore at moore@deltau.org

DUEL's Impact 

According to evaluation results, participants leave DUEL with a better understanding of DU’s Principles and Ritual, as well as their strengths as a leader, making them better prepared for service to DU and the world. Our annual Membership Outcomes Assessment data, DUEL attendees develop greater senses of: 

“My biggest takeaway is that we need to leverage our strengths and utilize those to lead rather than spend effort trying to improve our weaknesses."

- Nate Mead, Nebraska '21

Facilitator Interest

Want to help Delta Upsilon build better men? Complete our Facilitator Interest Form if you are interested in volunteering as a DU educational program facilitator.