Awards of Merit

DU's Awards of Merit recognize alumni and friends of Delta Upsilon who excel in their careers

The name for the DU Awards of Merit have been chosen because of the Fraternity's historical tie to the Founders description: "the only superiority that we acknowledge is the superiority of merit" when selecting members to join DU. Likewise, it is the same basis in meaning for these awards, which are presented to esteemed members and friends of the Fraternity who have exhibited their devotion to the Fraternity as well as excellence or notoriety within their field of profession.

There are currently 10 categories within the Awards of Merit. Each category is named for a Delta Upsilon alumnus who has achieved great things in his career. 

Sloan-Kettering Award of Merit in Business – banking, financial management, marketing, real estate, entrepreneurship, leaders of industry, etc.

James Conant Award of Merit in Education – teaching, administration, research, leadership

Edgar Bergen Award of Merit in Entertainment – sports & recreation, music, photography, theater and the arts.

Charles Evans Hughes Award of Merit in Justice - law, judicial, international relations, etc.

Stephen Crane Award of Merit in Literature – writing, publishing and editing.

Lester Pearson Award of Merit in Human Service – community service, philanthropy, theology and religion

Linus Pauling Award of Merit in Science – health & medicine, technology, research, engineering and the sciences.

James Garfield Award of Merit in Public Service – government, politics, civil service and military

Holtz-Munson Award of Merit in Sports – athletics, coaching, sports administration.

Craig S. Sowell Award of Merit in History – research, preservation, public presentation of history

Often, the Awards of Merit are presented during the Leadership Institute. Delta Upsilon is fortunate to have these individuals join us at the event and provide words of advice to the LI attendees. Below, you will find some of the acceptance speeches from our recent Award of Merit Recipients.

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