2020 Awards

Chapter Awards

Sweepstakes Award

The Sweepstakes Award is Delta Upsilon's top honor awarded annually to the best DU chapter in North America.

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Georgia Tech

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Iowa State

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Kansas State

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Western Reserve

Most Improved Chapter

Illinois Chapter

Outstanding Alumni chapter

Illinois Alumni Chapter

Innovative Member Development Award

Georgia Tech Chapter

Health, Safety and Prevention Award

Nebraska Chapter

Alumni Engagement Award

Bradley Chapter

Campus and Community Impact Award

Clarkson Chapter

Excellence in Virtual Brotherhood

Alberta Chapter, Bradley Chapter, Clarkson Chapter, Kansas State Chapter, Michigan Tech Chapter, Western Reserve Chapter

Individual Awards

Chairman’s Award: Outstanding alumni volunteer

Jason Clark, Washington State '01

Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award

Ken Hyman, Syracuse '88

Distinguished Undergraduate Award

Ahmed Semary, Texas '20

President’s Award: Chapter President of the Year

Will Missert, North Carolina '21

Chapter Excellence Plan Awards

Overall Chapter Excellence Award

Western Reserve Chapter

Promotion of Friendship Award

Western Reserve Chapter

Development of Character Award

Western Reserve Chapter

Diffusion of Liberal Culture Award

Western Reserve Chapter

Advancement of Justice Award

Kansas State Chapter

Operations Award

Western Reserve Chapter 

GSI Fundraising Awards

Top Fundraising Per Man

Indiana Chapter

Total Fundraising
  1. Indiana Chapter
  2. Kansas State Chapter
  3. Iowa State Chapter
$1,000+ Fundraising Level

Bradley Chapter, Georgia Tech Chapter, Indiana Chapter, Iowa State Chapter, James Madison Chapter, Kansas State Chapter, Lehigh Chapter, Michigan Tech Chapter, Missouri Chapter, Nebraska Chapter, Syracuse Chapter, Western Reserve Chapter, Wichita Chapter

Distinguished Undergraduate Award

Ahmed Semary, Texas ’20

Aaron Emalfarb, Maryland ’20
Levi Latoz, Carthage ’20
Nikkoh Mendoza, Bradley '20
Joe Stanton, Iowa State ’20

Ahmed Semary, Texas ’20, was named the 2020 Distinguished Undergraduate, the top honor bestowed upon an undergraduate member. This award recognizes a brother's accomplishments in his chapter, on campus and in the community throughout his time as an undergraduate.

Ahmed was a Founding Father of the Texas Chapter when it was re-established in 2016. During his time in DU, he served as Vice President of Membership Education and Chapter President. On campus, he lent his talents to the Leadership and Ethics Institute as its Recruitment and Team Relations Chair. He also served as an Undergraduate Research Assistant and member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Rube Goldberg Team.

Post-graduation, Ahmed works for Dell as a CSG Advanced Quality Engineer.

"Without doubt, DU was the best experience I had in college," Ahmed said. "Not just did it connect me with likeminded chapter brothers and DUs across the world, it gave me the opportunity to build a legacy at UT and put my time in something that I can be proud of even beyond my graduation. My involvement in the chapter taught me many tangible skills that made me into a more well rounded man.

"To me, DU means family. As an international student, DU offered me a home away from home and an environment and atmosphere built on merit, brotherhood and magnanimity. The relationships I’ve built are lifelong ones, and the contributions we’ve made as a chapter will be long lasting for undergrads to come."

President’s Award: Chapter President of the Year

Will Missert, North Carolina ’21

The recipient of the 2020 President's Award has been a major force for change within his chapter. Will Missert, North Carolina ’21, has helped his chapter make great strides in a number of areas, including chapter operations, chapter culture, communications with the Fraternity and campus staff, recruitment, community partnerships, philanthropy and Loss Prevention efforts. He handled it all with poise and thoughtfulness.

"Coming into this position, I wanted to do one thing: help my chapter become the best possible chapter it could be," Will said. "While we faced many challenges, my executive team and I pushed the chapter to become a better group of fraternity men.

"The biggest piece of advice for other Chapter Presidents is that you cannot do this job all by yourself. [My Executive Board] challenged and pushed me to be the best leader possible, and I know that I would not have received this award if it were not for them."