Consecutive Giving

Below is a list of our most consistent donors who continue to provide gifts to the DU Educational Foundation year after year. These DU brothers have given for a minimum of 25 consecutive years and have invested in multiple generations of DU undergraduates. We offer our most sincere and eternal gratitude for the lifelong commitment these donors have made to Delta Upsilon’s mission of Building Better Men.

51 Years
Leland J. Adams, Bucknell '64
Michael G. Boylan, Bradley '69
Keith O. Kaneta, Washington '59
Maurice S. Mandel, Chicago '55
Thomas E. Mattson, Oregon '63
Howard O. Mielke, Carnegie '51
Michael G. Mitchell, Texas '65
J. David D. Nelson, Northwestern '63
Aubrey H. Polser, Texas '65
Richard B. Thompson, Michigan State '67

50 Years
Jere E. Bremer, Bradley '66
Richard B. Hallman, Purdue ’54
John K. Johnston, Pennsylvania State '58
Robert J. LaFortune, Purdue '51
Charles A. Phillips, Clarkson '64
James S. Roberts, Florida '63
George S. Studle, Washington State '57

49 Years
Dennis S. Kanemori, Western Michigan '66
Ben T. Walkingstick, Oklahoma '52

48 Years
William C. Krommenhoek, Nebraska '57

47 Years
Robert G. Yingling, Missouri '62

46 Years
Gregory L. Allemann, Missouri '69
Robert A. Dahlsgaard, Bradley '63
Lewis D. Gregory, Kansas '75
John W. Rogers, Miami '57

45 Years
Bruce C. Anderson, Purdue '65
John R. Ashby, Arlington '74
John L. Cassell, Texas '70
David Franzetta, Michigan State '70
Paul E. Rosenthal, Florida '73
Mark L. Rupert, Oklahoma '74

44 Years
Mark A. Clemente, Cornell '73
George J. Hamilton, Arkansas '77
Bradley B. Hoot, Michigan State '65
David O. Johnson, Kansas State '75
Charles L. Kavanagh, California '64
Thomas F. Keating, Cornell '57
Angelo J. Magistro, Rochester '60
Henley L. Smith, Lafayette '51
Ronald E. Wischhusen, Clarkson '76

43 Years
Dieter F. Czerny, Lehigh '74
John A. Delaney, Florida '77
John K. Dunlap, Texas '73
Terry D. Finnell, Syracuse '57
Robert W. Haerr, Creighton '72
Stephen G. Katsinas, Illinois '78
William T. Lauder, Columbia '44
Dave R. Maguire, Southern Illinois '73
Leland W. Waters, Texas '73

42 Years
Robert B. Buchanan, Illinois '55
Scott D. Hahner, Rutgers '78
Warren P. Nesbitt, Wisconsin '76
James L. Ryan, Michigan State '55
Richard L. Smith, Colgate '68

41 Years
Keith B. Bruening, Iowa State '80
Thomas W. Foote, Purdue '50
John F. Herma, Rutgers '70
Thomas E. Hoover, Ohio State '56
David A. Krebs, Miami '80
David C. Myers, Tennessee '74
David E. Vinson, Wisconsin '59

40 Years
Stephen J. Anderson, Northern Iowa '79
Michael B. Donnelly, San Fernando '68
John R. Ehrlich, Missouri '67
William B. Hallam, Delaware '80
Mark S. Jones, Arlington '75
Kenneth D. Miller, Iowa '67
Brian E. Mudrick, Louisville '82
Gary A. Rugel, Illinois '78
John T. Weisel, Oregon '48

39 Years
John A. Buist, Illinois '78
Philip E. Eubanks, Georgia Tech '71
Patrick S. Hobin, California '59
Robert W. Shively, Nebraska '82
Richard B. Wilcox, Florida '68

38 Years
Dennis A. Johnson, California '63
L. G. Lawrence, Washington & Lee '59
James A. Oppy, Kansas State '64
Jeffrey A. VanEenenaam, Colorado '79

37 Years
Kelley J. Brennan, Marietta '64
Alan R. Chapman, Illinois '69
Jeff W. Courter, Iowa State '84
Stephen L. Mahannah, Colorado '61
Alan L. Mores, Iowa State '80

36 Years
Richard L. Delano, Indiana '85
Michael E. Hogan, Purdue '85
Willard C. Loomis, Miami '59

35 Years
Bruce S. Bailey, Denison '58
Walter R. Brookhart, Virginia '71
Gary E. Middleton, Carnegie '86
Robert C. Nelson, Missouri '83
Jack A. Ritt, Illinois '52

34 Years
Philip B. Groebe, DePauw '62
John C. Herron, South Carolina '88
Joseph D. Joyner, North Carolina '77
James W. Lambert, Indiana '87
Jordan B. Lotsoff, Northern Illinois '88
William D. Rose, North Carolina '69
Al P. Saufley, Virginia '54
Jeffrey Siegel, Maryland '78

33 Years
Dennis A. Barbour, Virginia '77
Lee A. Doble, Cal Poly '68
George N. Graf, Pennsylvania '55
James W. Griffiths, Louisville '69
Donald G. Hanson, Johns Hopkins '50
James F. Harris, Wisconsin '72
Edwin J. Taff, North Carolina '61
Bruce N. Wilson, Stanford '50

32 Years
B. Chris Brewster, Colorado '77
Michael J. Caporaletti, Maryland '73
Kim C. Cox, Illinois '76
Gregory A. George, Central Missouri '89
Jeffrey M. Gordon, DePauw '88
Patrick D. Laper, Wisconsin '68
Richard M. Levin, Indiana '87
William J. Spanfellner, Ohio '61
Walter G. Tibbitts, Texas '61

31 Years
Bruce K. Balderston, Pennsylvania State '76
William M. Leete, Carnegie '58
Jon D. Lundy, DePauw '90
David M. Neese, Michigan State '68
Stephen K. Rowley, Ohio '65

30 Years
Scott R. Bayman, Florida '68
Craig W. Graham, DePauw '82
Richard L. Stern, Georgia Tech '90

29 Years
Edwin E. Boldrey, DePauw '63
Robert J. Brand, Louisville '70
Edwin D. Crane, Arkansas '76
Thomas F. Durein, Oregon State '92
Bradley R. Elfers, Washington '92
Charles B. Fulghum, Georgia Tech '78
Michael L. Fuller, Georgia Tech '79
Richard C. Johnson, Middlebury '58
Ronald C. Magnussen, Illinois '60
Shawn D. McCormick, Ohio State '92
Douglas B. McLeod, North Dakota '63

28 Years
James P. Girolami, Maryland '75

27 Years
Roy F. Allan, Lehigh '68
Paul B. Edgerley, Kansas State '78
Gary G. Harris, Washington '71
John T. Henderson, Auburn '62
Clifton C. Jones, Kansas State '77
Gregory J. Lamb, Iowa '94
Kenneth W. Pober, Colorado '62
Craig S. Sowell, Houston '92
Ashton M. Tenney
John W. Wingate, Hamilton '85
Craig D. Zelent, Illinois '84
Richard A. Zimmerman, Michigan State '53

26 Years
David V. Allard, Indiana '70
Richard B. Campbell, Nebraska '68
Stephen C. Hartstern, Louisville '70
Scott B. McClanahan, North Carolina '74
Terry K. Schmoyer, South Carolina '88
Kevin M. Sullivan, North Carolina '86
William S. Tekien, Bradley '69
Robert L. Tyburski, Colgate '74

25 Years
Gregg C. Carr, Oklahoma '83
David W. Crawford, Georgia Tech '61
James W. Giddens, Dartmouth '59
John H. Kendel, Western Reserve '59
James W. Little, Wichita '58
Joseph J. Marinelli, Florida '65
Michael C. Miller, Bradley '80
Thomas C. O'Bannon, Oklahoma '82
Bruce A. Tarantola, Missouri '81
Robert W. Wade, Florida '61

“I am proud of my support of the DU Educational Foundation over the past 50 years. Delta Upsilon has provided me with a life-changing experience through undergraduate associations and lifelong friendships ever since. It is highly gratifying to see the tradition of developing new leaders continue from the Fraternity’s efforts, and I’m glad to support the work DU continues to do.”
- Maury Mandel, Chicago '55
DUEF Donor for 51 Consecutive Years!