Delta Upsilon Founders Medal Application

The Founders Medal is one of the highest honors that the International Fraternity can bestow upon a DU alumnus. It is presented to individuals who fulfill one or more of the following criteria. The Founders Medal symbolizes our tie to our heritage and stands as a tribute to these founding brothers of Delta Upsilon.

This highly respected award is intended to honor those individuals who have given a significant amount of support and direction to any one or more of our DU chapters and exemplify the ideals and principles of DU through their actions.

The intent is to honor those individuals who have been long-standing anchors of support to a chapter for a long period of time (10+ years) and not just done a lot within the past year, for which the Chairman’s Award would be more appropriate. Recipients need not be an initiated member of the fraternity, as anyone is capable of providing superior service to a chapter.

Examples of an approved recipient could include: Alumni Officer, chapter advisor, faculty advisor, housemother, parent, other chapter benefactor, etc.


1. An approved recipient should have served in some capacity that has a direct connection to the chapter for a collective period of no less than ten years.

2. Must be voted on and approved by the Board of Directors.

3. Must professionally display their support to the Delta Upsilon and exemplify the Four Founding Principles through their every action. Recipients should bring honor to themselves and to the Fraternity as a potential representative of this award.

Note: It is not necessary for the recipient to be a member of the Fraternity.

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