DU Partners with FreeWill

Jan. 19, 2020 - No matter your age or income, establishing a will is an important step in protecting your legacy for the people and causes you love. Delta Upsilon has recently partnered with FreeWill — an award-winning resource supported by experts in law, design and philanthropy — enabling you to create your own will online in less than 20 minutes.

Many alumni also look forward to including organizations such as their place of faith, their university, or even Delta Upsilon in their will as a way to create a legacy for future generations. These planned gifts are a huge help to organizations like Delta Upsilon, as we work to help shape the future of our own leaders.  

Regardless of the beneficiaries chosen through the process, FreeWill is a complementary and simple way for brothers to create a legal will to ensure their legacy. The Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation is excited to share this resource. 

For those who believe their will estate planning may be complicated, FreeWill is still a great option to get you started with a plan that you can share with your own attorney and/or financial advisory team.

FreeWill has more than 400 nonprofit partners and has helped those who use the platform commit more than $1.6 billion to nonprofit organizations. 

The DU Educational Foundation's Heritage Circle honors living brothers and their families who have chosen to include the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation as a beneficiary in their will or estate plans. This prestigious society was established in 2000, and our Heritage Circle members have solidified their commitment to Building Better Men for generations to come. Heritage Circle members are honored on a permanent recognition plaque at the Fraternity’s International Headquarters and periodically receive special communication and event invitations.

Create Your Free Will