By the Numbers

Although the International Fraternity and Educational Foundation are legally separate organizations, our joint mission allows us to maximize the various educational programs and resources funded by both organizations. The DUEF is fully committed to financial transparency and to raising and spending charitable contributions in an efficient manner. Our goal is to ensure our donors advance our Building Better Men mission in direct and purposeful ways each year.

Annual Fundraising and Grants 

In the 2020-2021 fiscal year, the DUEF raised $1,268,404 and awarded $194,145 in grants for scholarships, educational programs and housing projects.

DUEF Cost to Raise a Dollar

An organization’s cost to raise a dollar is best expressed through the Fundraising Efficiency Ratio. This ratio represents the percentage of each dollar received that is spent on fundraising expenses (fundraising expenses/annual support). The LOWER the Fundraising Efficiency Ratio, the better. The DUEF staff measures the results of each development strategy and strives to limit the amount of annual fundraising expenses.