Expansion news

This spring, Delta Upsilon is expanding at Seton Hall University! Located in South Orange, New Jersey, just outside of Newark, Seton Hall is a private university with more than 5,800 undergraduate students. Leadership Consultants have been active on campus recruiting the colony’s Founding Fathers. As of our publication date (March 1, 2018), the Seton Hall Colony had 23 associate members and counting. The men who have joined come from different pockets of involvement like student government, the rugby team, the Honors College and more. Any nearby alumnus interested in connecting with the group should contact setonhall@deltau.org.

During the fall semester, Delta Upsilon started a new colony at Illinois State University. The official Colonization Ceremony was held Oct. 22, 2017. As of our publication date, the colony had 42 associate members and is working toward the requirements for chartering. Since Colonization, the group has been working to build a strong brotherhood, get involved on campus, and have a positive influence within the IFC. The colony will host its first Ms. Delta Universe event in March to raise money for the Global Service Initiative. 

If you would like to be involved in helping with a DU colony, contact Expansion and Development Coordinator Hayden Rahn, Oregon ’16, at rahn@deltau.org