Fraternity/Sorority Nobel Prize Recipients

Juan Manuel Santos, Kansas ’73, is not the first Delta Upsilon to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. Three other DUs have been bestowed with the honor. In total, six DU brothers have won a Nobel Prize (in any category). Linus Pauling is the only person to be a sole recipient in two separate categories.

Charles Gates Dawes
Marietta 1884
1925 Nobel Peace Prize

Linus Pauling
Oregon State 1922
1954 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
1962 Nobel Peace Prize

Lester Pearson
Toronto 1919
1957 Nobel Peace Prize

Christian Alfinsen
Swarthmore 1937
1972 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Edward C. Prescott
Swarthmore 1962
2004 Nobel Prize in Economics

Juan Manual Santos
Kansas 1973
2016 Nobel Peace Prize 

Delta Upsilon is proud to boast six Nobel Prize recipients as members, four of whom have a Peace Prize. Per our research, we have found that 25 NIC, NPC or NPHC fraternities/sororities have members who have received a Nobel Prize as an individual.* Of these groups, none have more than two recipients in any category nor more than one Peace Prize recipient.

John St. Clair Kilby
2000 Nobel Prize in Physics

Alpha Epsilon Pi
Stanley B. Prusiner
1997 Nobel Prize Medicine

H. Robert Horvitz
2002 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Alpha Gamma Rho
Norman E. Borlaug
1970 Nobel Peace Prize

Alpha Kappa Alpha
Toni Morrison
1993 Nobel Prize in Literature

Alpha Phi Alpha
Martin Luther King, Jr.
1964 Nobel Peace Prize

Delta Kappa Epsilon
Theodore Roosevelt
1906 Nobel Peace Prize

John Franklin Enders
1954 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Delta Tau Delta
Thomas A. Steitz
2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Kappa Alpha Order
George C. Marshall
1953 Nobel Peace Prize

Kappa Delta
Pearl S. Buck
1938 Nobel Prize in Literature

Lambda Chi Alpha
Donald J. Cram
1987 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

J. Michael Bishop
1989 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Phi Delta Theta
Adam G. Riess
2011 Nobel Prize in Physics

Phi Gamma Delta
Frederick Chapman Robbins
1954 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Luis Walter Alvarez
1968 Nobel Prize in Physics

Phi Kappa Psi
Woodrow Wilson
1919 Nobel Peace Prize

Francis Peyton Rous
1966 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Phi Kappa Sigma
Edward Mills Purcell
1952 Nobel Prize in Physics

Stanford Moore
1972 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Phi Kappa Tau
Paul Lauterbur
2003 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Pi Lambda Phi
Marshall W. Nirenberg
1968 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Sigma Alpha Epsilon
William Faulkner
1949 Nobel Prize in Literature

Sigma Alpha Mu
Bob Dylan
2016 Nobel Prize in Literature

Sigma Chi
Kerry B. Mullis
1993 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Sigma Phi Epsilon
Kenneth Arrow
1972 Nobel Prize in Economics

Sigma Phi Society
Elihu Root
1912 Nobel Peace Prize

Tau Kappa Epsilon
William Alfred Fowler
1983 Nobel Prize in Physics

Theta Chi
Owen Chamberlain
1959 Nobel Prize in Physics

Theta Xi
William F. Sharpe
1990 Nobel Prize in Economics

Zeta Psi
John Bardeen
1956 Nobel Prize in Physics
1972 Nobel Prize in Physics

*This list is based on research compiled by DU Quarterly staff and the Delta Upsilon Historian. If you have additions to this list, please contact