Heritage Circle

The Heritage Circle honors living brothers and their families who have chosen to include the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation as a beneficiary in their will or estate plans. The prestigious society includes brothers who have committed to Building Better Men for generations to come, and Heritage Circle members are honored on a permanent plaque at the Fraternity's International Headquarters.

Everett C. Johnson, ’62

Michael O. Johnson, ’90

Stuart D. Arias, ’17
Cory M. Dowell, ’98

Michael H. Sarra, ’64

Boise State
Justin J. Kirk, ’00

William J. Bittner, ’74
Robert A. Dahlsgaard, ’63
Donald L. Reichman, ’60

James G. Bell, ’94

Thomas M. Koehler, ’87
William M. Leete, ’58
Nathaniel Szkil, ’07

Robert J. Miller, ’09

Central Florida
Aaron D. Clevenger, ’97
Walter T. Oliff, ’17

Maurice S. Mandel, ’55
James D. McQuaid, ’60

Scott W. Wilson, ’73

Anthony B. Cashen, ’57

Philip G. Ranford, ’00

Bruce S. Bailey, ’58

Patrick D. Anderson, ’09

Eastern Kentucky
Robert E. Collins, ’74

Kevin J. Brown, ’13
John A. Delaney, ’77
Joseph J. Marinelli, ’65
Paul E. Rosenthal, ’73

Terry J. LaBrue, ’72

Georgia Tech
Gregg A. Hines, ’11

H. P. Picard, ’82
Craig S. Sowell, ’92

Kim C. Cox, ’76
Craig R. Milkint, ’83
Trent A. Shepard, ’73
Craig D. Zelent, ’84

Shea M. Stanley, ’09

Iowa State
Colin P. Finn, ’05
Donald E. Larew, ’63
Richard D. Snyder, ’52

Johns Hopkins
Thomas E. Harrison, ’53

Lewis D. Gregory, ’75

Kansas State
William R. Gordon, ’60
Richard D. Sell, ’78

Long Beach
Ryan D. Jones, ’95

Brian E. Mudrick, ’82

Christopher J. Steis, ’78

William F. Darlin, ’56

Michigan State
David Franzetta, ’70

Michigan Tech
Adam A. Mitteer, ’03

David D. McKeag, ’04
Rodney L. Nelson, ’63

Terry J. Brady, ’62

Richard B. Campbell, ’68
Derek D. Dauel, ’15
Robert S. Lannin, ’81
Kelly S. Leach, ’85
Conor E. Tomac, ’17

North Carolina
Charles E. Downton, ’66

North Carolina State
Tyler K. Stevens, ’11
Richard X. Taylor, ’82

North Dakota
Rodney P. Kirsch, ’78
Eric H. Lybeck, ’97

North Carolina State
Clint M. Dworshak, ’00

North Florida
Zachary S. Thomas, ’09

Northern Arizona
Samuel Alboy, ’01
Jeffrey W. Sears, ’98

Northern Colorado
Stephan C. Davis, ’94

Northern Illinois
Jerry A. Dykhuisen, ’68
Jordan B. Lotsoff, ’88

Northern Iowa
Jeffrey L. Fuhrman, ’94

Stephen K. Rowley, ’65

Ohio State
Carroll L. Lurding, ’59
Stephen R. Blozis, ’80

Gregory L. Haymon, ’77
Alvan E. Porter, ’65
Ben T. Walkingstick, ’52

John T. Weisel, ’48

Oregon State
Thomas F. Durein, ’92
Jordan L. Guess, ’13
Daniel C. Hauser, ’10

Bruce C. Anderson, ’65

Daryl W. Reisfeld, ’03

Michael McCormick, ’18

San Jose
Charles L. Miller, ’59

South Carolina
John C. Herron, ’88

Southern Illinois
Dave Maguire, ’73

John R. Dytman, ’71
Richard M. Holland, ’83

Steven L. Driever, ’69

Steven R. Fisher, ’87

Matthew A. Baer, ’80
Warren P. Nesbitt, ’76

My wife and I have joined the Heritage Circle because of DU’s positive influence on our lives. We applaud DU’s forward-thinking leadership development programs and are honored to establish an educational program fund for the Florida Chapter with our future estate gift. Developing young leaders and giving them the opportunity to practice the elements of civic leadership in collegiate fraternal organizations is essential.

Joe Marinelli, Florida ’65

Campaign grows the heritage circle

John A. Delaney, Florida ’77

$50,000 Estate Gift

After recently establishing an endowment fund of $50,000 to advance DU’s Building Better Men mission, Brother Delaney decided to increase his overall commitment to the Ignite The Charge Campaign with an additional $50,000 unrestricted estate gift.  

Michael O. Johnson, Arkansas ’90 

$10,000 Estate Gift

Brother Johnson is a loyal donor to the Annual Loyalty Fund, and he recently committed to a $10,000 estate gift. His support will be used to advance DU’s educational programs and other award-winning Building Better Men initiatives.

Walter T. Oliff, Central Florida ’17

$100,000 Estate Gift

With a documented estate gift of $100,000, Brother Oliff’s example shows that it is never to early to solidify one’s estate plans. His commitment—along with a $5,000 cash gift—will advance the Fraternity’s educational programs for future DUs.  

Terry J. LaBrue, Fresno State ’72

Estate Gift

Brother LaBrue has been a loyal donor to the Annual Loyalty Fund nearly every year since 1984. He has now solidified his future impact on Delta Upsilon with a substantial estate gift to be used to advance the Fraternity’s Building Better Men initiatives. 

T. Michael Knies, Tennessee ’71

$100,000 Estate Gift

Brother Knies has named DU as a beneficiary of his IRA, which will result in an estate gift of $100,000 for the Ignite The Charge Campaign. Beginning with his first cash gift of $50 in 1982, Brother Knies will build better men forever thanks to his estate gift.  

Stephen R. Blozis, Ohio State ’80

$54,000 Estate Gift

A lifelong supporter of the Annual Loyalty Fund, Brother Blozis will now leave a legacy for future generations of DUs with a $54,000 estate gift. His commitment will be used to provide more undergraduates with award-winning educational programming.  

New Lester Cox Benefactor

Lester Cox Benefactors are deceased alumni whose realized estate gifts are used to advance the Fraternity’s educational mission. This prestigious society is named in memory of Lester E. Cox, Pennsylvania 1898, who provided a transformational bequest to Delta Upsilon in 1971. His estate gift led to the construction of the International Fraternity Headquarters in Indianapolis where a plaque memorializes all Lester Cox Benefactors. Alumni who provide lasting generosity with estate gifts are truly Building Better Men forever.

Dr. Allan M. Lansing, Western Ontario ’53

$50,000 Estate Gift

Brother Allan Lansing passed away on July 17, 2022, leaving behind a notable legacy thanks to his life, personal character, and accomplishments as a pioneering cardiac surgeon. A 2009 Founder's Medal recipient, Brother Lansing served on the DUEF Board of Trustees from 2002-2007 and continued to give his time and treasure to his beloved Fraternity. Thanks to his unrestricted estate gift, Brother Lansing will continue Building Better Men for generations to come, and his gift is a testament to his love of Western Ontario and his adopted Louisville Chapter.

Most Common Ways to Join the Heritage Circle

Charitable Bequest

Include language in your will or trust that provides cash, securities, property or a percentage of your estate to the DU Educational Foundation.

Retirement Plan Beneficiary

Name the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation as a beneficiary of your 401(k), IRA or other retirement plans.

Life Insurance Policy

Name the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation as the owner and/or beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Want to Learn More about the Heritage Circle?

Do you have questions, or is the DU Educational Foundation already in your will or estate plans?
Contact Director of Advancement Gregory Fabiano at fabiano@deltau.org or (317) 875-8900.

The Foundation’s Tax ID# is 35-1976226.