Honorary and memorial Gifts

Honorary Gifts

Gary S. Graessle, Illinois '79, in honor of Illinois Class of '79
Dominic K. Greene, Oregon '99, in honor of Josh Katz, Central Florida '97
Richard W. Hays, Illinois '66, in honor of Jim Chesrown, Illinois '69
Ryan E. King in honor of Tom Durein, Oregon State '92
John A. Klarr, Western Michigan '75, in honor of David Corum, Western Michigan '74
Frank Kostecki, Bradley '22, in honor of Bryan Olefsky, Bradley '20
Robert A. Losco, Iona '10, in honor of DU Northeast Leaders and Volunteers
Nikkoh A. Mendoza, Bradley '20, in honor of Bradley Chapter
Greg D. Nance, Chicago '11, in honor of Chase Bassignani, Chicago '10
John P. Palmer, Texas '85, in honor of Jeffrey A. Fuller, Texas '85
Bonnie Rainey in honor of Kaye Schendel
Judi Reilly in honor of Logan Reilly, Kansas State '18
Judi Reilly in honor of Liam Reilly, Kansas State '14
Tyler S. Richards, Wichita '20, in honor of Matt Burdick, Wichita '20
David A. Rios, Iowa State '21, in honor of Adam Perkins, Iowa State '20
Dustin W. Roberts, Bradley '03, in honor of Jon Custis, Bradley '02
Nicholas J. Rokos, Georgia Tech '22, in honor of 2020 graduating seniors of Georgia Tech DU
Craig S. Sowell, Houston '92, in honor of Tom Durein, Oregon State '92
Craig S. Sowell, Houston '92, in honor of Craig Franz, Bucknell '75
Trent O. Tarantino, Missouri '22, in honor of Deacon Sears, Missouri '20
Kim Veiga in honor of Noah Veiga, Iona '21
Fernando J. Velez, Bradley '23, in honor of Anthony Pomponi, Bradley '20

Honoring Steve Rowley

Last fiscal year, 10 brothers made gifts in honor of Brother Steve Rowley, Ohio '65. Last summer, at the 2019 Leadership Institute, Brother Rowley retired from service on the DU Educational Foundation Board of Trustees after 26 years—the last 22 as Chairman of the Board. Steve also received an Outstanding Volunteer Award from the Foundation for Fraternal Excellence in 2019 for the work he has done to advance the DUEF. Delta Upsilon is forever indebted to Brother Rowley for his service, generosity and leadership.

Those Making Gifts Honoring Steve Rowley
Bruce S. Bailey, Denison '58
Craig J. Franz, Bucknell '75
David Franzetta, Michigan State '70
John C. Herron, South Carolina '88
Gary S. Killips, Alberta '71
E. B. McKinney, Missouri '74
James D. McQuaid, Chicago '60
Craig S. Sowell, Houston '92
Richard X. Taylor, North Carolina State '82
Richard B. Thompson, Michigan State '67

Memorial Gifts

Bruce C. Anderson, Purdue '65, in memory of Thomas Goodrich, Purdue '67
John A. Buist, Illinois '78, in memory of John C. Buist, Wisconsin '53
Gerald A. Caplan, Syracuse '55, in memory of Glenn W. Smail, Syracuse '56
Gerald A. Caplan, Syracuse '55, in memory of Deane Lavendar, Glenn Smail, Syracuse '54
Clark G. Channing, California '58, in memory of Edward C. Channing, California '50
Derek D. Dauel, Nebraska '15, in memory of Matt Lutomski, Nebraska '16
Thomas G. Davison, Union '71, in memory of Hazel E. and Thomas A. Davison
John K. Dunlap, Texas '73, in memory of Fredrick M. Dunlap, Marietta '43
Terry D. Finnell, Syracuse '57, in memory of John Klamar, Syracuse '59
Earl R. Freeman, Arlington '73, in memory of Thomas J. Walters, Arlington '73
Earl R. Freeman, Arlington '73, in memory of Dan Robertson
Russell L. Grundhauser, North Dakota '83, in memory of Scott A. Johnson, Washington '80
Scott D. Hahner, Rutgers '78, in memory of Wilford A. Butler, Western Michigan '61
Paul Harris in memory of Olive (Polly) Holovack, grandma of Chad Holovach, Michigan State '01
Neil Kelliher, Syracuse '64, in memory of Robert A. Eckardt, Syracuse '66
Neil Kelliher, Syracuse '64, in memory of Douglas A. Milbury, Syracuse '65
David R. Knuepfer, Iowa '76, in memory of David W. Rusk, Iowa '76
Gregory J. Lamb, Iowa '94, in memory of Kevin J. Smith, Iowa '96
Robert S. Lannin, Nebraska '81, in memory of Thomas R. Harney, San Jose '52
James W. Little, Wichita '58, in memory of Patrick Little, Kansas '59
Kevin Lizama, Maryland '20, in memory of Udayaditya Konwar, Maryland '21
Matthew T. Muccio, Maryland '20, in memory of Udayaditya Konwar, Maryland '21
Charles A. Phillips, Clarkson '64, in memory of Charles A. Phillips, Jr.
Morton D. Potashnick, Missouri '62, in memory of Jerome D. Hulehan, Missouri '60
Paul Radivoyevitch, Western Reserve '83, in memory of James E. Monaco, Western Reserve '80
Brewster H. Shaw, Wisconsin '67, in memory of James J. Brussock, Wisconsin '68
Trent A. Shepard, Illinois '73, in memory of H. Karl Huntoon, Illinois '72
Robert W. Shively, Nebraska '82, in memory of Oscar Sandberg, Nebraska '58
Andrew T. Snyder, Miami '97, in memory of Betty Snyder

Remembering Judge Terry Bullock

On Aug. 2, 2019, Terry L. Bullock, Kansas State '61, passed away. Throughout his life, Brother Bullock made a profound impact on Delta Upsilon, the Kansas State Chapter and the state of Kansas. As a young alumnus, he began his DU alumni involvement serving as a chapter advisor and president of the Kansas State Chapter Alumni Board. He joined the International Fraternity Board of Directors in 1970, and over the ensuing 18 years—the last five as International Fraternity President—he became known for his passionate defense of Delta Upsilon's Four Founding Principles and developing "The DU Man: A Blueprint for Success." As a District Judge in the state of Kansas for more than 30 years, as well as a law professor, he continued his pursuit of The Advancement of Justice.

Last fiscal year, 15 gifts were made to the DU Educational Foundation in Brother Bullock's honor. Delta Upsilon will continue to honor and remember him for his leadership and dedication to the Fraternity and its ideals.

Those Making Gifts In Memory of Judge Terry Bullock
Leland J. Adams, Bucknell '64
Diana J. Archer
Charles R. Bonebrake, Kansas State '70
John E. Esau, Kansas '78
Rick Holland, Syracuse '83
Stephen G. Katsinas, Illinois '78
Joshua A. Katz, Central Florida '97
Robert S. Lannin, Nebraska '81
Alvan E. Porter, Oklahoma '65
Mark A. Praeger, Kansas '64
Ryan Swart, Kansas State '88
Paul J. Trouslot, Kansas '60
Mark A. Werner, Kansas State '79

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You can also mail a note along with a check made out to the Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation.