Igniting The Charge of Fraternal Relevance & Innovation

$1.3 million

Today’s students are hungry for a collegiate experience that affords them authentic friendships and opportunities for growth—things rarely found in the typical classroom. Solidifying DU as a vital collegiate experience requires significant investment to enhance our current programming and develop new initiatives to ensure our founding ideals nurture and inspire the college men of tomorrow.

Impact Update

DU Portal (portal.deltau.org) launched for supporting chapter operations, engaging alumni and allowing member profile management

500+ DU Alumni attended regional alumni receptions focused on the State of the Fraternity and the Ignite The Charge Campaign

New partnership with Plaid offering DU virtual programs for health and safety, advisors, Big Brothers and building an inclusive chapter

Ryan King
Friend of DU

Cash & Endowment

Mike Knies
Tennessee '71


Joe Marinelli
Florida '65


Andrew Martin
Washington State '05


Walter Oliff
Central Florida '17

Cash & Estate

Bill Rappolt
Lafayette '67




Reid Ricciardi
Purdue '94

Cash & Endowment

John Weisel
Oregon '48

Cash & Endowment

Nick Welton
Lehigh '10

Cash & Endowment

Dave Whitman
Indiana '75