Letter from DU Leadership

Dear DU Brothers, Parents and Friends:

Undoubtedly, the most unique aspect of Delta Upsilon is our non-secret heritage. With that brings the unique opportunity to invite others to our Initiation Ceremony and have them share in our brotherhood. For so many, The Charge Address given during Rite II of Initiation is the piece of our Ritual that stands out most.

By definition, a “charge” entrusts someone with a duty or responsibility. A good Charge Address energizes and empowers those listening to uphold the values of our great Fraternity and help Delta Upsilon thrive. That charge can be directed toward the new initiates, those who have already taken our Oath of Initiation, parents, friends and other guests—because we all play a vital role in honoring and preserving our Fraternity.

Four years ago, Delta Upsilon began the planning stages for our Ignite The Charge Campaign—the DU Educational Foundation’s bold $6 million capital campaign. At the time, the campaign didn’t have a name, but we knew it needed to focus on developing our brothers as leaders, assisting our chapters, and securing the longevity of Delta Upsilon. As we began speaking with alumni, it became clear that the driving force behind so many wanting to give their time and treasure was a deeply held responsibility to provide today’s young men with an even more impactful DU experience. Alumni clearly believe it is their charge to pay it forward for our future.

Our goal with this campaign is to ignite the passion each of us has for Delta Upsilon and to fulfill our charge to provide a lasting Delta Upsilon experience that truly benefits our brothers, alumni and volunteers. As you read through the pages of this annual report, you will read more about the Ignite The Charge Campaign and the initiatives it will advance: the Fraternity’s educational programs and the health of our chapters, among them. You will also hear about ways to support the Ignite The Charge Campaign and the DU Educational Foundation. Alumni donors will tell you about why they give. We hope what is happening in Delta Upsilon right now will ignite your passion to give back, as well.

A $6 million campaign is a bold endeavor, but it is one we believe is attainable. Already, 179 individuals have acted upon our charge, bringing us to a total of $5,363,748 raised (as of Oct. 1, 2023). To those brothers and friends, THANK YOU. Your generosity is helping Delta Upsilon fulfill our mission of Building Better Men. At this time next year, the Ignite The Charge Campaign will be complete, and we hope to fill the pages of this annual report with more names of those who have answered The Charge and solidified Delta Upsilon’s place as the premier organization for college men.

“Our past is secure … Our future depends on our vigilance.”

Rite II, Delta Upsilon Initiation Ritual


Justin Kirk, Boise State ’00
Executive Director
Delta Upsilon Fraternity and Educational Foundation

Thomas Durein, Oregon State ’92
Delta Upsilon International Fraternity

Lewis Gregory, Kansas ’75
Delta Upsilon Educational Foundation