Maryland Chapter Reinstalled

Nov. 4, 2017

Nov. 4 is an important day for Delta Upsilon. It is even more special for the Maryland Chapter. Not only does the date mark the Fraternity’s founding at Williams College, it marks when the chapter—once a local group called Alpha Delta Upsilon—was granted permission to affiliate with Delta Upsilon, and now, its reinstallation.

Forty-five years after its original installation on May 13, 1972, the Maryland Chapter hosted its Reinstallation Ceremony on Nov. 4, 2017, at the University of Maryland Chapel. The occasion marked the celebration of the undergraduates' hard work as well as the Principles of the Fraternity. Much like the Maryland Chapter’s first start, the new Maryland Chapter overcame adversity to get to its big day.

Although the local fraternity Alpha Delta Upsilon’s petition to join Delta Upsilon was granted in 1968, it would be another four years before becoming DU’s 115th chapter. Many of the group’s petitioning members had left, leaving new leadership to carry the charge toward chartering. A similar situation occurred with the recolonization. Efforts to bring the chapter back began during the 2014-2015 academic year, two decades after it closed in 1992. However, many of the men first recruited left the colony, leaving the success of the group on the shoulders of a smaller, yet extremely motivated group of men.

“These are fine young men,” said Chapter Advisor Chris Steis, Maryland ’78, of the newly initiated chapter members. “Their values align with Delta Upsilon’s. They have been through a lot of challenges to get to where they are now, and they are proud and excited to be brothers in an installed chapter of Delta Upsilon at the University of Maryland.”

“To us, the biggest thing is [DU’s] Principles, especially The Promotion of Friendship,” said Chapter President Nate Ostrander, Maryland ’18. “DU is a support network.”

Around 30 guests joined the chapter for the Reinstallation and Initiation Ceremonies, as well as a celebratory reception, which was held at the College Park Marriott. Special guests included parents and university officials Corrin Gioia Edwards, Associate Director, Programming and Advising, and Christine Licata, IFC Advisor. The Ritual Team included Delta Upsilon Executive Director Justin Kirk, Boise State ’00, who served as Master; Steis as Examiner; Chapter Advisor Michael Osmeyer, Maryland ’77, as Chief Marshal; and Zachary Thomas, North Florida ’09, as Chaplain.

In his Charge address, Warren Nesbitt, Wisconsin ’76, member of the DU Educational Foundation Board of Trustees, spoke of the history of the Fraternity and its ability to impact their lives.

“Is DU an organization that you can be proud of? That can nurture you and that you can nurture in return?” Nesbitt said. “… of course it is. But it has to start somewhere. As a college organization, you have to set goals, develop strategies and tactics to achieve those goals, and never lose sight of the Four Founding Principles. And the same goes for your life after college. You must have a passion for getting good things done.”

As witnessed by their determination to recharter, Ostrander is confident the newly-reinstalled chapter’s passion for getting things done will not go away. When first hearing the chapter would be reinstalled, Ostrander’s first thought was, “What is next?” He and his brothers are looking toward the future. Now that the Maryland Chapter has achieved the operational goals that got them to reinstallation, Ostrander’s hope is that the chapter continues to spread its name on campus, strengthen its relationships, and never lose sight of the shared values that brought the Founding Fathers together.